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Awakening: Bloodline Book One

Awakening: Bloodline Book One, ISBN: 9780997674811, Eula Rae Printing & Publishing, an e-book by Tiera Rice.

NOTE: Before beginning even the Prologue, it is best for the prospective reader to go to the end of the book where a glossary of presumed Rumanian terms. Such pre-perusal is not mandatory because much of the meaning usually may be deduced, but it may be helpful.

A Prologue introduces a pregnant woman who, while sitting relaxed in 1996 San Francisco sees and speaks to a familiar figure approaching: “I’ve been expecting you Pazitor”. The figure responds: “You understand why I am here, Vrajitoare,” which she acknowledges and he continues: “We have avoided the affairs of the Strigoi for many centuries, but I have foreseen what destruction awaits us should we fail in this task.” And “We must do everything necessary to prevent that from happening – the Order of the Dragon must not gain control or all will be lost.” He gives her a vile of liquid which she swallows and gradually can “feel the Essence searching within her womb, becoming one with her unborn daughter.” She smiles and states “It is done.”

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The Witches of Hemlock Cove

The Witches of Hemlock Grove, Boxset: Volumes 1 – 3 Monty’s Tale Press in e-book format by Kennedy Chase.

Introduction/characters: The stories center on activity of protagonist Grace Angelos, a widow now approaching middle-age who is a former local police officer still hired to consult on difficult cases. This incidentally, helps sustain the family bakery business. Her special deductive powers stem from her occult background along with hints acquired from her constant companions Noah, a chocolate Labrador, and a white cat Charity she has reason to believe embody elements of her deceased father and mother. The Angelos family, because of these reputedly occult powers, originally fled during the Salem Witch Hunt and eventually landed in the extremely picturesque New England coastal town of Hemlock Grove. Other recurring characters are: Detective Zackery Jackson, her former trainee with whom she still works well; her older sister Joy, an excellent baker but with a compulsive desire to prepare magic potions to ‘nudge’ fate in a desired direction – an activity that Grace constantly must guard against because of the disastrous results of a former action by her mother who was a very powerful maker of such potions; Joy’s husband Nathaniel, now the closely knit family’s ‘jack-of all-trades’; her even older sister Hope who has clairvoyant powers but mostly is reclusive after never really having recovered from losing her husband in the Vietnam war; Dario Donatalli, the suave, handsome owner of the local bookstore who the reader discovers in the first volume to be more than he appears; a host of other town and/or nearby residents of varying importance to one or more of the individual tales.

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Something Witchy This Way Comes

Something Witchy This Way Comes, (previously published as Murder Spell) is a mystery in The Victorian Witch Chronicles in e-book form by Fiola Tempest.

Plot: The tale opens with Tellehandra Quin McMurry, preferably called Viola, revealing that life on her landed gentry father’s estate in Galway County, Ireland had been a happy one with her sisters and mother whom her father referred to “as wild as the land”. Suddenly and for reasons unknown to her, they suddenly disappeared and shortly thereafter her father passed away leaving her a 15-year-old orphan. She was left as the sole heir to her father’s sizeable estate and according to the law of the period her money would be transferred to her husband upon marriage unless she did not marry until the age of 25, when the inheritance could be hers. Her uncle, suspected of being a heavy gambler as well as perpetrator of other nefarious schemes, is appointed her legal guardian. The story progresses revolving around facts she discovers from a presumed lost letter and other slowly evolving evidence about the evilness of her guardian and of his son Thomas with whom the two attempt to force her into marriage. Simultaneously, evidence gradually reveals evidence that she may have some attachment to witchery and that this fact also may offer some explanation for her mother and sisters inexplicable disappeared. Mounting suspense is generated while Viola attempts to escape a deadly fate planned by her dastardly uncle and his son as she receives some help from an unusual source and also discovers the manner in which unsolved murders had been committed and by whom.

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Alien Abduction

Alien Abduction ISBN: 9780984026593, Laurel Canyon Press, an e-book by Irving Belateche.

Plot: Eddie is a middle-aged investigative reporter who obstinately hangs onto his job even when his salary repeatedly is reduced and his wife Jenny implores him to recognize the deteriorating publishing picture. Ultimately fired, he is faced with a suddenly desperate situation. He has little savings. Worse, he is no longer covered by health insurance. Jenny, who had been a TV producer and recently, at Eddie’s insistence, had turned down an offered job that would have provided some tie-over income, now, was discovered to have cancer requiring extensive and expensive therapy even to provide a possible 2-year survival. Another problem, their son Jake will not listen and change from his desired college selection to another that provides heavy scholarship aid and angrily calls Eddie a ‘loser’. His daughter Hannah, is a little kinder, but continues in her rebellious teenager role. Unable to find a job, he resorts to tutoring to provide at least some income. One of his students is Mason, son of Ben Kingsley, who Eddie surreptitiously discovers is a wealthy man but with an income from a vague employment source that Eddie believes would be helpful to him as well. Desperate, he forces Ben to take him to meet his employer. This turns out to be Abel, a cyclopoid alien. The cyclops is not pleased, does not require two employees, and so liquidates Ben and Eddie now is to replace him as the abductor of attractive young women. He must render them unconscious, transport them to Abel’s residence, wait for 20-30 minutes and return them to the place from which they were abducted. He is sorry to be in this position, but cannot decline or he will suffer the same fate as Ben. Compensation fortunately is in cash, minimally one hundred thousand dollars or more per abduction. The story progresses with his activities and those of Abel, Jenny and the rest and ultimately concludes on a difficult to believe level of satisfaction for Eddie and his family.

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Leftover Girl

Leftover Girl ISBN: 9781946089007, Dirt Road Books, an e-book by C. C. Bolick

This ‘coming of age’ (with a twist) book follows a period in the life of Jessica Ray Delaney, a 15-year-old as she and her family return to her adoptive mother’s home town of Credence, Alabama after numerous and often abrupt unexplained moves. (Her adoption had followed her being found under strange conditions by her adoptive father at 4 years of age). Her life appears to be filled with the numerous challenges of a teen entering a new school with its already structured social groups, bullies and all. However, her problems are exacerbated by the fact that her parents although loving, seem to emphasize the adoptive fact and she also worries about her adoptive father’s health problems. She is close to her Aunt Charlie’s daughter Bailey and is attracted to her Aunt’s son and popular football player Pade which is the source of further bullying. This fact, associated with another relationship that she gradually develops with Chase, a new boy in town whose mother is Jes’s English teacher gradually gains increasing importance as the tale unfolds and the reader learns more about Chase, his mother, Jes’s earlier history and her family attachments. Of further importance are her dreams and return of memory of her early life. Unfortunately, much of this material had been known by her adoptive mother and father but had not been revealed to her because they had been told by counselors not to do so because her mind eventually would supply the facts. The ending is acceptable for the plot and provides an easy entré to the next volume in the series.

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