The Coin

The Coin won a Finalist Award in the Mystery/Suspense Category from the Indie Excellence National Awards.

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El Tigre

El Tigre won a Finalist Award in Western Fiction in both Indie Excellence and USA Best Books Awards.

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El Tigre II

El Tigre II has won a Finalist Award in the Western Category in the Indie Excellence National Awards Competition.

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Lobo was the winning novel in the Military Fiction Category in the Indie Excellence National Awards Competition.

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G-1 (The Guardian of the Earth Series Book 1) by Rigel Carson

G – 1, The Guardian of Earth Series, an e-book in the Sci-Fi genre from Kindle Press by Maggie Toussaint writing as Rigel Carson.

The world is suffering from enormous problems – a shortage of water and food, a rash of natural disasters that reduce these essentials even more, a plague involves a large number of individuals particularly in the more densely populated areas and rogue killer robots are appearing among those in worldwide usage. To find solutions “The Institute” has been established with ‘think tanks’ populated by the most erudite persons available. Our story follows Zeke Landry, one of these brilliant scientists working in an institute building on his homeland island off the Georgia coast of the U.S. His project is water loss and he is not sure that it is lost, but rather diverted and hidden so that Global Now, who has cornered all water available will make huge profits. The story escalates and adds several other layers to the conspiracy when a rabble rouser leads to destruction of the institute and most of the island. His cousin warns him about the attack and they escape to the mainland where he takes refuge with Asia Minor, a fast friend of his Uncle John who has disappeared. Meanwhile, Zeke has sent his A.I, unit Forman (a robot he had ordered to help in his mountain of backlogged work) to find his uncle who had disappeared. Forman was unusual in that, although he looked like a “Gary” a sex toy, he also was programmed as an intellectual “Bob” and a martial arts bodyguard “Brutus”. We also are introduced to Jessie and her sister Bea Stemford. Bea is the hottest pop singer writing and singing songs of protest about world conditions garnered from documents secretly delivered to Jessie from an unknown source. Forman, incidentally also has been programed to have some “feelings” and is overwhelmed by Bea. From here the story evolves into a tangled web of attempts by powerful governmental and other figures to gain control of the Font of Gaia and the Keystone that Zeke unknowingly possesses and his attempts to survive with help from Forman, Jessie, Asia and others as well as to save his uncle, the institute and the world.

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Aoleon the Martian Girl


Aoléon the Martian Girl, ISBN: 9780979128509, part 1 of 5, is an e-book in the Sci-Fi genre by Brent LeVasseur.

Gilbert Sullivan, a young person of undisclosed age has an eleven inch telescope indicating an interest in astronomy. He awakens from a dream where he is being attacked by out-of-this-world creatures. It may have been initiated by the fact that oddly formed crop circles have been appearing in farmer Johnson’s wheat fields associated with strange lights, although this is the third time he has had this particular dream. He attempts to get back to sleep but his parents are fighting again and he prays “Please send me an angel to take me away from here.” An image appears of a ship accompanied by flashing lights flying through clouds in a hummingbird-like pattern from galaxy to galaxy and he believes his prayers have been answered. The ship eventually reaches farmer Johnson’s field and the pilot produces an electromagnetic beam that bends, but does not break, the wheat stems to make more patterns. Gilbert gets up, picks up the ship on his scope and decides to investigate. From this point the story escalates into a charming story of his encounter with Aoléon, their escape from a shotgun carrying farmer Johnson into her space ship and a trip to Mars where he discovers that he and she are designates to save earth.

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Breathless, A Burton & Kazmaroff Mystery, San Marco Press, an e-book third in the series by Susan Kiernan-Lewis.

Jack Burton, a former member of the Atlanta, GA police has partnered with Mia Kazmaroff, a beautiful 28-year-old to form a Private Investigative Agency. After visiting his mother in Valdosta, he returns to the condo he shares with Mia and they engage in their first, and very satisfying sexual encounter. They both want more but Jack must leave to meet his illegitimate daughter Twyla whom he never has seen, at the request of Sandy her mother and Jack’s high school sweetheart with whom he had had a short night’s drunken affair during a visit home and a rocky period in Sandy and Eugene Gilstrap’s marriage. Now after a bitter divorce and winning a huge lottery Sandy lives in a large home in Atlanta with Twyla and her mother Vernetta. She tells Jack the child is becoming incorrigible and on drugs and says he might be able to help. He arrives, Twyla is late, he texts Mia he will be late, she does not arrive but has been kidnapped. The kidnap note says death to the girl if authorities are notified. Sandy is desperate and makes Jack swear not to contact the police or anyone. Jack feeling guilty does not even explain to Mia and the story from this point unfolds largely following the activity of the two main characters – Jack’s desperate maneuvers to attempt to unravel the case with limited resources and practically no leads and Mia’s actions in attempting to handle Agency business and deal with her remorse and belief that Jack has returned to his first love. A number of surprising twists occur involving other lesser characters in the plot.

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The Eagle’s Covenant

The Eagle’s Covenant, first published in Great Britain by Robert Hale, Ltd, now e-book by Michael Parker is a mystery/thriller based in Germany and with a plot for world dominance.

Manfred Schiller, a 70+ year-old German manufacturer, declared not guilty in the post Nazi War Crimes Court, has continued to expand his empire to control huge portions of not only manufacturing in all phases, but agriculture, shipping, health care and every other phase of human needs. Furthermore the expansion has been extended to encompass control within other countries throughout the world and is controlled by satellites he personally has orbited and exclusively commands. Unknown is the fact that he is a Jew and has decided to turn this internationally controlling huge empire to Israelis as a compensation for the Nazi atrocities and so Jews no longer could be dominated. The Eagle’s Covenant is prepared by four members who will control certain sections of the world and, when ready, will be signed by Schiller and his satellite control relinquished. Fred Molke, Hitler like in thought patterns and in his rise to power, is leader of a growing populist group and attempts to obtain such power and Schiller’s just born grandson is kidnapped. Thus begins a thrilling tale of duplicity, deceit, deception and betrayal that includes a host of characters. Prominently, Erich Hoffman, the lead investigator, and his right hand Uwe Jansch, Dr. Kistler, Hoffman’s superior and secretly associated with Molke, Joanna, wife of Schiller’s decease son and the kidnapped baby’s mother, several literally ‘killers-for-hire’- the leader, Joseph Schneider, Breggie de Kok, a beautiful ‘white supremacist’ South African, Conor Lenihan a former Irish Catholic terrorist, and several who are less important. An additional sizeable number of other characters serve in roles of lesser importance. Although in this reader’s opinion greater development would have been an enhancement, the plot proceeds to move these various characters through a number of intriguing sequences to a provocative climax.

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Fairy Tale Murders

Fairy Tale Murders, ISBN: 9781604147025, Fideli Publishing, Inc. is an e-book by Kelly Money and follows the development and subsequent activities of a sadistic serial murderer.

Country Haven Mortuary is a long established Topeka business founded by Stan’s grandfather. Stan lost his mother at a relatively early age. She had shielded him against his harsher father, read him countless fairy tales and listened to his wishes and desire to be a physician. He now lived in the basement of their antiquated home, hated his dominant father, and especially resented helping him in all phases of the mortuary activity, feeling that he should be off in college instead of “being stuck in the family business with dead people.” He believed his father would not allow him to go because he would not have been able to accept the fact that he might gain a position superior to his own. During one of their caustic exchanges, his father suffers a heart attack, Stan does not call for assistance but enjoys and insults his unable-to-move father, eventually aiding his death. Meanwhile we are introduced to Detective Kate Kingsley of the Topeka P.D. and her partner John Harper as they chase down a criminal – an unfortunate occurrence because Kate was supposed to accompany her dearest friend Kristen to a viewing of her mother who had died in an accident. The mother was at the Country Haven Mortuary and since Stan’s father was dead, Stan figured, although unlicensed, he could do all necessary procedures and proceeded. During the embalming, an accident occurred that lead him to a powerful erotic experience that he feels a need to repeat. Kirsten is the victim and during the procedure he experiences his very first orgasm and the plot expands to his search for, and acquisition of, other victims and Kate’s attempts to apprehend him.

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