The Coin

The Coin won a Finalist Award in the Mystery/Suspense Category from the Indie Excellence National Awards.

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El Tigre

El Tigre won a Finalist Award in Western Fiction in both Indie Excellence and USA Best Books Awards.

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El Tigre II

El Tigre II has won a Finalist Award in the Western Category in the Indie Excellence National Awards Competition.

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Lobo was the winning novel in the Military Fiction Category in the Indie Excellence National Awards Competition.

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Torn Loyalties

Torn Loyalties, ISBN: 9781609113012, Strategic Book Group, 303 pages, soft cover by Katrina Covington Whitmore is the second book in her Bride of the Desert Trilogy.

The story opens with Kiah’s marriage to Herodianus, Heir to the House of Nasor and within a short space of time provides interestingly diverse vignettes; establishment of a close relationship between the two with a description of the husband’s careful and thoughtful initiation of his wife into the intimate relationships of the marital union and an unusual display of her offensive/defensive skills when the two are unexpectedly attacked. The story progresses as Kiah’s cousin and close friend Zenobia marries Odenathus, the all-powerful Sheikh of Sheikhs Head of the House of Nazor, upholder of the eastern frontier of the Roman Empire and Herodianus’ father, thus technically making her Kiah’s superior in the line of accession. Meanwhile the Persian King, Shapur I has crossed the river, destroyed two large cities and wishes to advance on their city/state of Palmyria. The Roman commander in the area, Atticus Lucius Aurelius, the man who saved Kiah from her foolish and impetuous actions described in book one, reappears and she finds that, although thoroughly satisfied in her relationship with her husband, she is deeply attracted. He is similarly attracted but respects the fact that her husband, Herodianus is his best friend and he probably is about to be betrothed to another of Kiah’s best friends. We also are introduced to Hairanes, Herodianus half-brother who is part Persian and hopes to persuade the family to forsake the Roman Empire and seek peace with the Persian King. The rest of the story evolves as acts of deceit, deception and betrayal multiply as it moves to a climax providing a strong desire for the reader to move on to the third book to see if and how Kiah and Palmyra might survive.

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The Hoard

The HOARD, an e-book by Neil Grimmett is a factitious tale cleverly woven around an actual catastrophic ordnance factory explosion of unknown origin in 1951.

Martha Kerslake is expecting birth of a child whom her beloved husband Gerard firmly hopes will be a son who can go to University and become the poet he always had wished to be. He works in the most dangerous nitration house of the Royal Ordnance factory purportedly to earn sufficient money for this to occur as he is aware that Martha ‘married below her station’. During one of the work sessions, the reactor heats to dangerous levels, the chemist and supervising manager, the only persons authorized to dump the charge into the neutralizing urea pit, cannot be reached and Charlie Stone, the ‘chargehand’ wishes to send Gerard to find one of them. Gerard believes another worker, Gunner Wade would have a better chance of being successful, so reluctantly he substitutes for the mission. Before he can accomplish his errant, the reactor mass moves out of control so against all explicit orders Charlie pushes the dump control button. Inexplicably instead of damping the charge, a horrendous explosion literally fragments the entire building and its occupants.

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At The Sharp Edge of Lightning

At The Sharp End of Lightning, ISBN: 9780993190513, is an e-book by one of the world’s foremost oceanographic authorities, N. R. Bates, who presents most interesting material on the perils of fouled air, corrosion, flooding and other catastrophic environmental changes in a less than the usual sonorous form. Specifically he presents the details by following the adventures of delightful sprites as they travel through their own, as well as parallel worlds

The story centers mostly on three individuals and their companions and contacts: Yalara Narika, a water sprite as she travels on assignment and experiences a lightning strike, encounters with catastrophic environmental changes, and loss of loved ones; Helia a sprite now in daiman world because her tribe feared that although healed, an infection gained earlier while a delegate might still be infectious and exiled her – she now is acting as a guardian for Einion, a young human Welsh lad mature beyond his years in some ways because he is a hemophiliac. Within the plot is a rivalry and distrust between the two main forest and water group sprites; distrust of the third world daiman; a treacherous Kaembian who is a mix of sprite and daiman and can assume a human form; and a troubling ‘thinness’ that has redeveloped in areas between the worlds that allows inter-world entry with the proper ‘controls’. Another thread develops because Helia has provided Einion with the proper controls and he is able to penetrate the ‘thinness’, in one journey of which he emerges in early medieval Wales where he is expected because of word provided by a soothsayer.

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Julia’s Room

Julia’s Room, ISBN: 9780744319200, a psychological mystery in e-book form by William Wilde.

A prologue provides a description of construction of a room and initial solo imprisonment of 13 year old Julia until her discovery that a shadowy ‘thing’ inclined to swift violent movement was confined with her. Initial fright gave way to comfortable acceptance when she discovered she had nothing to fear.
The story then begins with Robert Graham bumping a woman who steps in front of his car when he is momentarily distracted. She was knocked from her feet but believes she had slipped on wet leaves, not even having noticed the automobile. He wished to get her to a hospital because she was thin, pale and appeared confused as if in shock. She refused, becoming more agitated when he became more insistent, and left hurriedly. Worried, he followed her noticing a definite limp. Racked with guilt, he did not know what to do but continued to follow well behind at a slow pace until she entered a Victorian style house of another era that somehow projected a foreboding impression.

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Blind Faith

BLIND FAITH, an e-book by John Crittenden describes his research and development of a protocol that overcame increasing loss of vision caused by advancing macular degeneration. This is a book graciously offered free for a time by the author and is a most thought provoking endeavor worth reading by anyone interested in their personal health.

The author is a successful and highly respected Canadian artist who already had lost sight almost completely in one eye to AMD and was informed the same condition was advancing in the second. The medical profession states quite clearly that there is no cure for macular degeneration. However, this one courageous individual actually was able to reverse his advanced condition. He accomplished this feat by acting upon a firm belief that the body should be able to ‘heal itself’ if the proper healthful routine could be established. Recognizing that medicine is constructed and practiced along conventional lines where treatment for disease more usually is to treat symptoms after they have appeared, John searched for a Naturopathic Physician with the understanding that these individuals have an approach more in line with his new direction. Then, through personal research of herculean proportions combined with advice from this man, a helpful Ophthalmologist and an understanding primary care physician he was able to devise a workable protocol. This he describes in specific detail.

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