The Coin

The Coin won a Finalist Award in the Mystery/Suspense Category from the Indie Excellence National Awards.

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El Tigre

El Tigre won a Finalist Award in Western Fiction in both Indie Excellence and USA Best Books Awards.

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El Tigre II

El Tigre II has won a Finalist Award in the Western Category in the Indie Excellence National Awards Competition.

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Lobo was the winning novel in the Military Fiction Category in the Indie Excellence National Awards Competition.

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DEAD FLOW, a Lei Crime World Novella by Malcolm Aylward; all elements of The Lei Crime Series copyright property of Toby Neal and/or affiliates/licensors.

Gabriella Texeira, raised on the mainland by a Hawaiian mother, Portuguese father, former NYPD officer, is leaving NY to distance herself because of the imminent released from prison of the husband who had almost killed her. Her cousin, Maui Police Detective Leilani and her new husband, FBI Substation Chief Mike Stevens are meeting her at Maui Airport to provide temporary shelter while the newly appointed Oahu Police detective will be attempting to find a new home in Honolulu. Settled, her first case is of a young Hulu Dancer found dead on the beach followed by a second on Maui. Both have strange cult-like symbols carved into their breasts. The Criminal Investigation Captain suggests she seek the aid of Jake Kahanamoka, Polynesian Antiquities Expert and Curator of the Bishop Museum of Hawaiian History. He refuses to help until it is discovered that his mentor, the retired Curator, also has been savagely murdered by a thief. He discovers what has been stolen, realizes it is an obsidian knife used sacrificially in a long forgotten period, and joins with Gabby to attempt to stop further bloodshed.

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Bayou Backup

     Bayou Backup, Kindle Worlds Publishing Program, the Miss Fortune Series, copyrighted Jana DeLeon an e-book by Mary Hiker.

Madison is taking his fifty-plus-year-old cousin to Texas employing a specifically designated route. He is forced to stop in the town of Sinful as a result of having two tires ruined from crossing spiked strips provided by a local moonshiner. The town’s main activity seems to be a weekly contest between the congregations of two churches prominently situated opposite each other. On Sunday the services in each church conclude at the same time and a race ensues to the nearby restaurant whose specialty is a particularly desirable banana pudding. It seems that only enough can be prepared to serve the group whose ‘champion’ is the first to arrive. Skullduggery occurs and the reader discovers that some of the aging resident women have hidden talents, the tire puncturing was not random, that a kidnapping has been planned and even the route had been designated for a purpose.

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The Hard Price I Had to Pay

     The Hard Price I Had to Pay ISBN: 9780985580797, Voices International Publications, Second Printing 2015, an e-book by Jamila T. Davis.

The author is a highly intelligent woman who “by the age of 25 had utilized her business savvy and street smarts to rise to the top of her field, becoming a lead go-to-person in the Hip-Hop Music Industry and a self-made millionaire through real estate investments.” Unfortunately, she indulged in some business shortcuts that overextended her finances in a series of deals that required more knowledge of the practices employed than she had. She then naïvely trusted and depended upon individuals who were indulging in fraudulent practices in association with trusted employees of Lehman Brothers Bank. She was sentenced to twelve and one half years in federal prison just 59 days before the bank collapsed. The bankruptcy finding: “the corporate policies of the bank were premised on fraudulent lending practices and the bank funded over a billion dollars of fraudulent loans.” The author was presented by the bank lawyers as ‘the mastermind’ of the deceit where actually the bank was riddled with high and low level employees indulging in numerous fraudulent and other illegal proceedings. The book describes the trial’s proceedings that at times more closely resemble a travesty of judicial proceedings with changes of lawyers, judges and various intermediaries. Subsequent denials of her appeal for reduction of sentence similarly appears somewhat farcical because of lawyers’ and judges’ lack of knowledge and/or understanding of certain laws and/or procedures. The book further relates interesting facts about the demise of Lehman Brothers Bank, captivating allegations and conjectures about, and pertinent to, New Jersey Governor Christy’s career, startling facts about Federal Prison sentences and men and women incarceration statistics. Also included are some perhaps surprisingly readable poetry by the author and an uplifting description of the author’s present activity.

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A Monster Chase

     A Monster Chase, Health Care Criminalization, ISBN: 9781502323965, Black Elephant publishing, e-book format by Marion A. Stahl is an interesting book on the present Health Care system within the United States.

Plot: A young woman, degree in “Health Care Sciences”, married to an M.D. is interested in the fate of a woman doctor she had known for five years as a patient and as having served in the working process of her office details during that time. The completely ethical physician had lost her license to practice following accusation of Fraud among other charges in a pathetic travesty of justice. The doctor had not even been aware of the action, say nothing about having representation. The lack of representation/action-knowledge resulted from sloppy/unethical (?) activity by the Medical Board, unethical (?) use of a ‘loop hole’ and additional questionable prosecutorial action by the trial attorney and unusual/irresponsible activity by the trial judge. Procedures are described in extensive detail, many with references pertinent to similar actual situations (listed in a Bibliography and Recommended Readings and References at the end of the book).

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TECH WOLVES, an e-book by William Wilde is a stand-alone short novella previously published in Nightscapes, a collection of short stories by the author.

American cities have become so crime infested that even the police do not want to work the big city streets. The government’s answer is to provide technologically manufactured guard dogs with sensors that cause them to sense, attack and hold any person on the streets until the morning patrols arrive – a sound idea until a malfunction turned them into vicious ‘wolves’ that hunted in packs. This is the first attack by these defective animals in the section of the city worked by Detective John Grayson. He is a former ‘street cop’ who believed and took pride in what he was doing. Thus, he attempts first to find another cause of death. There is none so he and his partner, Liz Picone believe they must eradicate the problem and move into action.

Discussion: An interesting tale of modern technology gone wrong that initiates random, perhaps dark but totally reasonable thoughts when considered in light of the constant dire reports relayed by the media daily and provided by an author whose well-crafted tales in this and similar veins are most appealing to a certain type of reader.

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