The Coin

The Coin won a Finalist Award in the Mystery/Suspense Category from the Indie Excellence National Awards.

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El Tigre

El Tigre won a Finalist Award in Western Fiction in both Indie Excellence and USA Best Books Awards.

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El Tigre II

El Tigre II has won a Finalist Award in the Western Category in the Indie Excellence National Awards Competition.

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Lobo was the winning novel in the Military Fiction Category in the Indie Excellence National Awards Competition.

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WIPEOUT, Island Heritage Publishing, a mystery/surfing story in e-book format by Chip Hughes.

Kai Cooke, is a surfing devotee good enough to ride the ‘big ones’ occasionally at Waimea and other legendary spots but admittedly only with some amount of fear. The thought no doubt is not unknown even among the giants. The author quotes one of them, Mark Foo who lost his life riding those twenty to thirty footers – “If you want to experience the ultimate thrill, you have to be willing to pay the ultimate price.” Kai, of New England parentage but adopted at eight years and raised by a Hawaiian family, also is a Honolulu P.I. He receives a call from a woman who wants to know if he is the “Surfing Detective” and she makes an appointment because she believes “he is the only one who can help her”. He waits at the suggested Denny’s on Waikiki (made for no apparent specific reason instead of the more enjoyable Starbucks just below) and late but eventually, a very pregnant Summer McDahl arrives. She explains that an insurance company will not pay the $200,000 insurance her husband Corky had taken out before he disappeared after a wipeout at Waimea. For legitimacy they required some proof and not even his board had been found. From this point a complicated mystery begins that involves a convertible registered in California that surfaces in Hawaii, is purchased there well below wholesale by a Honolulu dealer, and then sold to a Bishop Street attorney from whom it is stolen two days later. The characters involved are just as enigmatic; a character with a strange foreign accent answers Summer’s telephone; a strange “reputed drug dealer” Mr. Sun, appears; a California import/export dealer who owned the car in California, Mr. DiMarco; Maya Livengood, a beautiful somewhat older woman also reputed to be Corky’s wife and supposedly seen with him after the ‘wipeout’; Leimomi, a beautiful young Hawaiian girl who provides further tension personally for Kai, and a number of Kai’s friends and relatives.

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BURN ZONES, Playing Life’s Bad Hands, ISBN: 9781619613218, Community Books, a Memoir in e-book format by Jorge P. Newberry.

The mechanics of provision of the author’s story of his life are simple and straightforward. From a union of most understanding parents – a college graduate Argentinian father who had immigrated to the United States and a successful British actress – Jorge Newberry emerged and has provided, often in some great detail, his various growth stages and the most influential factors affecting them as he has progressed through life. At the very early age of seven he acquired and serviced a daily paper route; at eleven by use of his acquired money he began selling ice cream from a bicycle/truck-like arrangement; at thirteen successfully performing as a busboy; at sixteen with a GED certificate, his parents’ reluctant consent, father’s actual help followed later by that of his mother, an interest in music but no personal talent led him to investigate and then use his saved money to start a record recording company; by seventeen he was well known and successful and had learned to “research, interview, inquire, negotiate, reason, calculate, interpret, visualize and create.” and his discs, mostly by ‘punk rock’ bands, also led to successful staging; at nineteen unfortunately he had sold many discs on credit which often was not paid, so somewhat disillusioned, he again looking for a new challenge – his father had bought him a 10-speed bike for his birthday, so his next endeavor was to throw his complete energies into cycling where he gradually rose to become a member of top echelon professionals; and finally again somewhat disinterested (bored?) he entered the business world where all of the lessons he had learned so thoroughly were tested to the limit and provide the remainder of this intriguing story.

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The Bordeaux Connection

THE BORDEAUX CONNECTION, is an e-book thriller by John Paul Davis, author of several well-received books of fiction and historical non-fiction.

The present offering opens with a Prologue where an old man observing a series of limousines as they depart from his quite properly constructed and adorned house for the area in Bordeaux, France. He is reflecting on eighty years of conducting business and what it has taught him. He also is considering that: “The chances of carrying out the dream of a lifetime depended solely on the successful acquisition of three important things. The first would be found in England, in an estate once associated with a family of similar prestige. The second would be found in the capital of Scotland, somewhere among the official archives. The third, perhaps most importantly, would be found closer to home, on the walls of a museum.” Success depended upon acquisition of all three. The action then turns to a museum in Edinburgh where the theft of pieces of art in the process of being stolen, was interrupted by a group of operatives. Two of the thieves captured were terrorists known to Interpol. We next are introduced to two of the operatives, Kit Masterson and Michael Hansen, in Suffolk, England where they are entering the White Hart Inn, a room of which offers headquarters of an ultra-secret ancient society. The society’s purpose is to perform clandestine activities for the government with none of their activity ever being allowed to surface. From this initial terrorist act/art theft action the plot evolves as the old man’s project further unfolds and members of the ancient White Hart society attempt to counteract his operatives which are headed by a man well known to Interpol – Fabien Sendek, Foreign Legion deserter, art thief, and terrorist.

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Bound In Time

Bound in Time, a Sci-Fi novel y D. F. Jones first published by Granada Publishing, Ltd in 1981 now presented in 2015 in an e-book edition by Venture Press, an imprint of Endeavor Press, Ltd.

Mark Elver, an M.D. with a heart problem that gives him two years at the most to live, is approached by his PhD friend Joe Heimblatt to be the first human to participate in his space travel experiments. Mark believes Joe has asked because he is ‘expendable’. Joe assures him his other qualifications are even more important – his medical training, his hunting enthusiasm and more, and especially because he is highly observant. Furthermore he suggests his condition might even be cured. Totally skeptical Mark consents to see already successful attempts with animals. Finally convinced, he agrees, a site is selected and he is projected four hundred eighty years but to the identical place from which he was launched. He is astounded to discover all is totally changed. He meets the first humans which consist of a probable fourteen year old girl acting as mother to a slightly younger boy and two very young children living in complete squalor in a large house. They remember some words and convey to him a message of danger associated with bright daylight and of an animal that roams at night. With time he discovers the house contains many workable appliances and with a trip to what is left of the closest city, he finds supplies of medicine, clothes, and more with which he returns and cleans up the house and its inhabitants. He also discovers a telephone of sorts and contacts some unknown person who tells him he can be picked up and delivered to ‘civilization’. He does, is transported, his heart problem is corrected, and he is provided with the necessities for life in this new environment. He learns that another space traveler had preceded him and had gone on to the moon. The description was of Joe, so he decides to travel there. He arrives, finds Joe and their journey becomes even more frenetic and fraught with danger.

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The Thyroid Cure

The Thyroid Cure: The Functional Mind-Body Approach to Reversing Your Autoimmune Condition and Reclaiming Your Health, ISBN: 9781939376008, Vibrant Way Press, an e-book by Michelle Corey.

This is the explanation – cause/effect/suggested treatment plan for sufferers from autoimmune disease, more specifically when affecting the thyroid. The author was informed by practitioners of current health care practices that “there was no cure” for her malady but by careful care and ‘watchfulness’ she ‘could learn to live with it’. She refused to accept this diagnosis and began ten months of intensive research into the condition. Thus armed, she looked for practitioners of Fundamental Medicine, a holistic approach where total body/mental interrelationships are considered to arrive at a diagnosis and treatment plan that appears to provide an effective solution for many debilitating multifaceted conditions. With their understanding and help she was able ultimately to effect a ‘cure’. This is the story of how she accomplished her goal along with a suggested plan for other affected persons to follow.

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