The Coin

The Coin won a Finalist Award in the Mystery/Suspense Category from the Indie Excellence National Awards.

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El Tigre

El Tigre won a Finalist Award in Western Fiction in both Indie Excellence and USA Best Books Awards.

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El Tigre II

El Tigre II has won a Finalist Award in the Western Category in the Indie Excellence National Awards Competition.

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Lobo was the winning novel in the Military Fiction Category in the Indie Excellence National Awards Competition.

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The Purest Treasure

The Purest Treasure: The Homicide Files: A Lincoln Munroe Novella, is an unusual story of lost treasure found after a dead body has been discovered – an e-book by Harrison Drake.

Detective Inspector Lincoln Munroe is sweltering in the sun watching his children frolicking in their small pool when he receives a call from a constable in Port Stanley on the Canadian side of Lake Erie reporting an apparent homicide having been washed ashore. He calls his partner Kara Jameson, they proceed to discover the body of a young man with three bullet holes in his chest. Interestingly, his wallet containing a mixture of about one thousand dollars in American and Canadian money has not been touched and in his pockets are his cell phone and a coin that is discovered to be a 1798 King George III gold piece leading to speculation that he may have been hunting for the fabled barrel of several thousand coins that had been lost in the lake two hundred years ago. The rest of the story describes the corporative procedure to attempt to find the killer.

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I, Hero – The Beginning

I, Hero – The Beginning ISBN: 9781495159534, a fantasy in e-book form by Jason Zandri.

Nathan Devon, after losing his quite altruistic father who often included him in activity beneficial to others in situations of need, concentrated on finishing his schooling and then moved from his Connecticut home town to a small apartment in the Kips Bay area of NYC. Here he continues to be thoughtful of others and in taking personal responsibility for providing Cici, an elderly homeless ‘bag lady’ with at least one meal a day, suddenly finds he really is no longer in charge of his own life. Cici, is stabbed but before dying grabs Nathan’s arm and placing a copper bracelet on it mumbles to him: “Where there is darkness, you are light. Where others know fear, you will be brave. When there are setbacks, you will persevere. Where others find weakness, you bring strength. Where there is despair, you are hope. Where cowardice falls, you rise courageously. Where others do not have the ability to believe, you have faith. You will suffer, so that others will endure. You will triumph where others would fall.” With this act she has invoked the Greek Gods from Olympus to aid him to provide services to mankind that will be helpful in returning earth and its inhabitants to have hope for a better and more normally useful way of life. These feats are accomplished according to the particular Comic Book Superhero’s T-shirt he senses he must wear at the time and combining this hero’s particular power with that radiating from the ever present copper bracelet he prevails. The bracelet incidentally, never leaves his body and if removed will ‘fly back to his wrist’ if he strays more than two meters. The story continues with actions demonstrating his prowess and his involvement with the only two friends he seems to have acquired, Lisa Cooper and NYC Police Officer Adia Santiago.

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DEEP EARTH, ISBN: 9780957322653, Northern Lights Publishing Ltd. by R. Julian Cox is Book2 of the Hanford Trilogy – a sci-fi thriller series.

A short forward to this ‘standalone’ novel sets the time of the story’s beginning action – a period exactly 49 days before a monumental undertaking by the U. S. Government titled DEEP EARTH. It is a project to ‘bury’ the accumulated radioactive waste of its early attempts to devise a nuclear bomb. Deterioration of its present storage facilities is resulting in leakage that can destroy the entire population of the north western states and more especially with prediction of a possibly impending earthquake. The activity shifts between the actions of the U. S. and modern as well as ancient Great Britain with inhabitants of all three areas and times closely interwoven. The cause – an earlier attempt by British scientists to employ a fusion of pulsed lasers in a controlled manner. A minor earthquake caused the laser beam to stray slightly off target, destroying a special U. S. aircraft carrying a Diplomat with discs containing data necessary to the U.S. project – data acquired by an Iranian geologist in their employ, but now suspect especially with gathering data indicating the growing possibility of another 9/11 type attack on the U.S.

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Star Crossed Lovers

Star Crossed Lovers ISBN 9781507886892, an e-book format story by C. J. Hearn, is an unusual WW II romance. (Probably possible to list as ‘Historical’ since WW II is close to 100 years ago.)

Paul Hughes, a British University trained native Australian is a brilliant scientist recruited by Churchill to devise a weapon, based upon a brilliant Welsh scientist, John Sar’s original calculations that will destroy the Nazi U-boats inflicting heavy losses on British shipping. The story proceeds to follow his activities as well as those of a quite large number of persons whose lives become irrevocably entangled as they are   greatly affected by the brutal warfare. Of particular importance are “Miss Cotta” a young seemingly most proper aristocrat serving as a WAAF, John Sar, his wife, Bill Curran, Churchill’s constant bodyguard, Bill’s wife, Professor Lindemann, Jimmy Wattsen, his wife, Jane Cole who with her husband fighting in Europe owns the popular Feathers Bar, and Air Commander Banks, a particularly obnoxious aristocrat. Numerous other players enter the plot in activity of perhaps only somewhat lesser importance. I shall leave specific activity detail to the prospective reader but provide the material upon which he/she can make a decision to read or not.

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The Migrant Report

The Migrant Report, an e-book by Monanalakshmi Rajakumar provides a most unusual look at a mixture of cultures rendered chaotically complex by a host of individual factors.

Characters: Several prominent – Ali, former military demoted to police officer because of a physical feature resulting from an early disease that was thought to ‘reflect on his manhood’; Jabber, a wealthy construction company owner; his daughter Maryam; Paul, an expat university professor ; Daniel, his son and close friend of Maryam; Cindy, his wife; Amira, Cindy’s close friend and mother of Sharif, close friend of Daniel; Sanjana, Nepalese maid/cook for Paul’s family; Manu, Sanjana’s brother; Laxmi, the issuer of the false contracts given to migrant workers; several other characters of differing but lesser importance.

Plot: The young daughter of a wealthy mall/housing construction company owner, rebellious against the traditional role of a Muslim woman is studying journalism at the university. Lax in her approach, she is threatened by expulsion by Professor Paul unless she provides a different and ‘worthwhile’ thesis. Desperate, she orders the family chauffer to take her to where the migrant workers are housed. They arrive just as a worker is discovered dead under questionable circumstances. She returns, writes the report which delights the professor for which he provides wide coverage. Ensuing results are catastrophic, arising from the fact that it is her father’s company, the activity, along with ensuing actions/reactions are totally against Muslim mores, and they bring into focus illegal activity long ignored/overlooked with respect to hiring migrant workers and a number of additional problems resulting from misplaced attempts to cover covert activity of others.

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