The Coin

The Coin won a Finalist Award in the Mystery/Suspense Category from the Indie Excellence National Awards.

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El Tigre

El Tigre won a Finalist Award in Western Fiction in both Indie Excellence and USA Best Books Awards.

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El Tigre II

El Tigre II has won a Finalist Award in the Western Category in the Indie Excellence National Awards Competition.

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Lobo was the winning novel in the Military Fiction Category in the Indie Excellence National Awards Competition.

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Black’s Beach Parallax

Black’s Beach Parallax ISBN: 9780692224311, an e-book thriller including numerous long contentiously debated occurrences of the 1960’s and following years by Scott Spade.

Plot: A prologue speaks of a package from Jack O’Malley addressed to his grandson and not to be opened until after his death. The story then proceeds to follow Jack’s life. It begins with his first job as a fresh UCLA graduate at Astro Dynamics, a company working under government contract; follows with his dismissal with downsizing ordered by McNamara; activity at making a living as a professional gambler with his discovered ability to read cards and gamble (in San Diego where small mom/pop gambling houses limited to a few tables of “games of skill’ of insufficient interest to attract the Mafia and their larger Las Vegas ‘games of chance’); to receipt of an offer from Gene, a brilliant former co-worker who has taken a position with an ultra-secrete ‘Think Tank’- the offer is too good to decline but requires clandestine activity that includes deposition of information in a far-removed hidden place; additional activity as a real estate investor and ultimately as a dealer in futures. Abundant, well-described ‘hippie’ and subsequent other sub-culture activity of the era is included and the story moves at a good pace, especially considering the amount of information that is included.

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The Speaking Ghost of Rajpur

The Speaking Ghost of Rajpur, Thought Balloon Books, 3rd edition of a book first published in 2014, in e-book by Priyonkar Dasgupta.

Plot: Brothers journey to Rajpur to vacation with relatives where they join other youngsters in participating in numerous and varied activities available. The activities range from simply reading and local trips to the surrounding countryside and local arcades and fairs to more extended and parenthetically dangerous bus travels and exploration of abandoned factory buildings. The conversations and subjects set forth are mostly typical of those of boys from less sophisticated backgrounds, the trips are somewhat typically serendipitous except perhaps for the one involving the book title’s character.

Discussion: The serendipitous meandering of a group of youngsters as described pretty much follows those of similar groups in most countries with like amenities. As such, this story may provide a certain level of nostalgia for readers inclined to enjoy reminiscence. Beyond this obvious fact is a most interesting feature however. Although light on character development, the author can write beautifully descriptive passages and a really enjoyable mystery BUT simultaneously provide frustration because much of both get lost in the process.

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The Birth of Malgyron

The Birth of Malgyron, an e-book published by Crossroad Press and the second in a projected series of four books by John deFilippis.

Plot: In the series initial book the aging and in poor health King of Manivor sends a select group of thirteen men to recover a lost Medallion of far greater intrinsic value than its mere monetary worth. It is foundand the individual actually discovering it becomes the new King. It is not a popular decision among some of his associates, the General of Manivor’s Army and a few others. As the story continues in this present volume, the King is a most forgiving individual, even attempting to stop the long-standing and incessant warfare with their mortal enemy, the nearby country of Xamnon. He succeeds, the reader discovers that he actually is the “only son of The Author” who is the ruling deity of the world, and his acts of forgiveness and other decisions for ‘the good of all’ are used maliciously against him. He is deposed, sentenced by the tribunals, and the evil Malgyron is born plunging the world into a burgeoning period of darkness. The manner in which these changes are produced, how they contained in this volume.affect many of the same characters with whom the reader has gained empathy and what these changes portend for the content of future books in the series provide the interesting material

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Never Alone

Never Alone ISBN: 9781683482932, Page Publishing, an e-book by Kara Lumbley.

Plot: Jena, ME for Savannah, GA. and her close friend, lead detective Jordan (female) leave for a trip to the shore after intense activity following recent serial killings that left women gutted and abandoned in warehouses. Actually, she had been another one of the women, only was rescued in time. The killer had not acted again for a period of time leading them to the belief that he may have left the area. They spend a quiet time in a beach house in S. Carolina near Hilton Head and it is only when they are ready to leave that Jordan discovers foot prints outside of where Jenna had been sleeping. She does not inform her because she didn’t want her to be worried. Meanwhile, Jordan’s partner Michael is called by Lt. Vane to investigate a case where an older man is discovered dead just off a popular park trail. He, along with a department newbie, begin the investigation and discover he had been killed elsewhere and deposited along the trail; that he is Arthur Reddings, an apparently wealthy 61-year-old originally from a small GA town; he has an adopted daughter Anne whom he provides for in a rather open-handed manner even after a rather vitriolic divorce from the girl’s mother; that he sends $10,000 monthly to Eastern Cape, South Africa; that he makes frequent trips to Africa and seems to have other strange attributes/activities. The story proceeds to follow a fascinating course as the reader gradually discovers increasingly interesting facts about Arthur’s multi-tasked life along with closely associated activity by the employees of the Savannah and other legal departments, to most of whom the reader already have been introduced. And the story’s finale provides a perfect entry to the next anticipated volume.

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PANACEA, is a story in e-book form set forth in an unusual but interestingly effective format by Brad Murray.

Plot: The story begins on May 29, 2011 when Jimmy Porter sets forth on a trip to receive word about his long missing father after receiving a telephone call from a Dr. Dimitri Minskowi. On the way he is involved in a horrifying pile-up of cars as it occurs when a large number of assorted and strangely acting animals stampede from the adjacent woods, one killing a motorcyclist on the highway causing the chain reaction. From this tumultuous beginning, the reader is taken on a journey through a strange sequence of actions/activities as they gradually begin to reveal the evolution of a strange tale of search for an individual with an unusual immune system. The search originally was initiated in 1945 with the downfall of the Third Reich and the escape of a Jewish POW whose immune system was able to repel and/or annul the effects of any deleterious element that attempted to invade. It is a far-ranging, convoluted hunt involving numerous characters with many ulterior motives ranging from personal greed, gain and revenge to sincere altruism, and including various levels of deceit, deception, betrayal and subterfuge.

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