The Coin

The Coin won a Finalist Award in the Mystery/Suspense Category from the Indie Excellence National Awards.

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El Tigre

El Tigre won a Finalist Award in Western Fiction in both Indie Excellence and USA Best Books Awards.

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El Tigre II

El Tigre II has won a Finalist Award in the Western Category in the Indie Excellence National Awards Competition.

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Lobo was the winning novel in the Military Fiction Category in the Indie Excellence National Awards Competition.

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The Garan Divination

The Garan Divination ISBN: 9780692363591, a fantasy e-book by C. A. Breheny.

Erin Brusca, is a thirty-five year old 3rd generation Irish immigrant nurse who thoroughly enjoys her prominent position in a medical research team testing new drugs. She is married to divorced Dante, a 2nd generation Italian physician and living happily together with him and his teen-aged daughter Sandra. One night while fast asleep she experiences a totally realistic dream. The following day while getting gasoline, a young male stranger approaches her by name and tells her she experienced her first dream trip, that she was a little older than usual for this first experience, that there was much for her to learn and that she should not tell anyone of the experience. Frightened, she gets into her car and drives to work where she immediately is immersed in a problem with Molly, one of her colleagues. She receives a call from Sandra to be picked up from school, stops at a store to buy food for dinner and is approached by a strange woman, Anna, who asks if she can speak with her for five minutes. She does and is informed that the man who spoke to her earlier had wanted to help her, but was a little too abrupt. Anna gives her cell number and asks her to call when she has had time to digest what has happened. A little later Erin makes the call and discovers that she is one of those individuals born with the gift of Dream Travel. From here the story proceeds to describe an engagingly fanciful process whereby these ‘favored individual (DT’s)’ live a dual life with an entire set of rules governed by their own council. The reader discovers that this world also is replete with villainous members (Terrents) whose activity can span activity in both dream time and the individual’s daily life and they are provided with only a warning ‘buzz’ to take appropriate escape action. The ending, at least in essence, is anticipated but is somewhat creatively designed.

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Lazarus, The Autobiography

Lazarus, The Autobiography ISBN: 9781943265589, an e-book by Roderick Wood is a most unusual true story written to document his life after suffering cardiac arrest lasting twenty-seven minutes followed by a return to relative normalcy.

The author recounts his life from birth in 1962 to the present. He begins with the fact that he was the youngest of three sons of a beautiful Austrian mother and a “classic brutish Englishman” blue collar worker who was a terror after his more than occasional bouts of heavy drinking. Raised in an English council house in a tough neighborhood, he avoided letting friends know his address, loved sports, left school at sixteen, had odd jobs, joined the Royal Navy at seventeen, released at eighteen, and gradually developed into a decent football (soccer) player with berths on several teams of note. He also gradually moved into construction and developed sufficiently to make a living by combining this with football assignments. He gained a number of male and female friends, travelled extensively through much of Europe and the United States, even upon occasion visiting each of his brothers who had gained college degrees followed by important appointments, and an aunt who had married an American serviceman and moved to Houston, TX. Sporadically he drank heavily, used drugs and smoked. He had married, divorced but kept close association with his children. A somewhat unusual anatomic feature also aided his eventual entrance into acting/modelling assignments. He sums up his life in the last chapter as one with which he has been satisfied and believes that he will be back to ‘his normal self’ shortly.

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Reason for Existence

Reason for Existence, ISBN: 9780964392663, Windstream Publishing, is an intriguing and unusual sci-fi in e-book form by Richard Botelho.

The author’s acknowledgements end with the quote from 1 Corinthians 16:14 “Let all that you do be done in love.” From this unusual quote the author begins an enthralling tale where the world as we know it is descending into annihilative conflict and the statement’s significance becomes fully apparent only in the final stages.

The story’s protagonist is David Jordan, a brilliant economist founder of the billions-earning Global Investment Group and proponent of an ancillary institute based on the unusual premise of “Human Harmony through Singularity” where individuals “think as one”. With the world on the brink of total demise, he receives a call from his old college friend Nicholas Strada. Nick, of a celebrated Greek family and now Secretary General of the United Nations wants his help because he ‘thinks outside the box’, a quality needed because none of his staff can provide any plausible suggestions to stop the world conflict. From this moment the story begins to wend its way through an intriguing tale that is another in the increasing number of novels centered on the discordant world situation that seems to be heading toward chaos and ultimate total destruction. It is a unique approach in which provision of even a few more details this reviewer believes would deprive the prospective reader from discovering the gradual evolution of the story to a final understanding of relevance of the opening quotation.

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VORTEX, ISBN: 9781614563617, Sarah Book Publishing, 370 page historical novel by Stephen A. Carter is Part one of a four book series, The Saxton-Brown Adventures.

The protagonist of this episode is John Saxton whose father has built a shipping empire based in Boston during the pre-Civil War days and insists that the youth go to sea to learn the trade properly. His trusted giant Negro and former Maasi Warrior, Marcus Brown, is dispatched as companion/mentor hopefully to bring him back safely. While at sea, John witnesses slave traders throwing slaves in chains overboard to rid themselves of evidence as a Naval Patrol Vessel approaches. The sight turns the youth into a dedicated abolitionist and on his return leads him into a life of almost unimaginable activity, not the least of which is marrying the beautiful daughter of the local black church’s minister. From this point the story evolves into a wide ranging journey through the pre- and early Civil War period with introduction of a sizeable number of interestingly portrayed characters and a number of sub-plots that the reader assumes will be expanded as the series progresses.

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ORANIT: CROSSED LINES, ISBN: 9781508804178, CreateSpace Indie Pub Platform, an e-book by Michael Ian Benjamin is an interesting tale set in a small settlement in Israel.

The author provides a most helpful and really quite necessary introduction for the uninformed reader: “Oranit is an Israeli settlement and local council located in the Seam Zone, straddling the Green Line…. The international community considers Israeli settlements in the West Bank illegal under international law, but the Israeli government disputes this. Green Line refers to the demarcation lines set out in the 1949 Armistice Agreements between the armies of Israel and those of its neighbours (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria), after the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. The name derives from the green ink used to draw the line on the map while the armistice talks were going on. From Israel’s perspective, the territories “beyond” the Green Line came to be designated as East Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Golan Heights and Sinai Peninsula. The Green Line became especially significant in Israel after Israel captured these territories in the Six-Day War in 1967, when Israeli maps contained the Green Line. These territories since 1967 have often been referred to as Israeli occupied territories (The Sinai Peninsula has been returned to Egypt as part of the 1979 peace treaty).”

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