The Coin

The Coin won a Finalist Award in the Mystery/Suspense Category from the Indie Excellence National Awards.

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El Tigre

El Tigre won a Finalist Award in Western Fiction in both Indie Excellence and USA Best Books Awards.

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El Tigre II

El Tigre II has won a Finalist Award in the Western Category in the Indie Excellence National Awards Competition.

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Lobo was the winning novel in the Military Fiction Category in the Indie Excellence National Awards Competition.

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Who is Jeb!!!

Who is JEB!!!, subtitled: John Ellis “Jeb” Bush and his Horrendously Horrible Histories, ISBN: 9780996073943, Fact Over Fiction Publishing, Ltd. is an e-book authored by Patrick Andendall.

This volume, as titled, is devoted more specifically to the younger Bush, no doubt because of his candidacy, albeit abortive, for president. However in this treatise the entire Bush family also has been scrutinized quite extensively. Their relationships with friends, acquaintances, and business associates all have been examined and their direct or indirect connections with numerous other notable figures analyzed with respect to happenings in many of the more recent world history events and an assessment made. It must be read to appreciate.

Discussion: Conclusions stemming from the content of this book indeed are somewhat difficult to determine. The author is an individual seemingly well qualified to write the book. English school educated but now a resident of the U.S. he long has had an interest in politics stimulated further by aiding our political process. In 2004 he actually flew to the site of the 2004 election proceedings to serve actively as a working member for the party. Unfortunately and sadly, he discovered here “the dissolution of the American Dream”, and from his more international perspective committed his thoughts to writing a book about it. Now, much of the material he has presented, including that in the appendices, seems to corroborate the somewhat denigrating picture provided of Jeb, as well as other members of the Bush family. They appear to be almost a ‘cult-like group’ where one is either with, or against them, and if the latter, you may need considerable help ‘from the man upstairs’. This, no doubt explains in part the enmity generated by Trump’s attacks on the young heir-apparent. Perhaps as an amusing but simultaneously dangerous aside for the country is the ‘Stop Trump!’ activity that has followed his attack on this stalwart member of the establishment and so strongly supports much that Andenall has said about the STUPIDPARTY, their leaders and their minions. Faced with an election of candidates that include a largely distrusted, but still popular woman and a seemingly similarly popular socialist, the establishment is sulking because an outsider has dared to put a voice and a face to the corruption (?), or at least gross mismanagement that they feel rightly belongs to them. And he has done this by belittling their ‘chosen one’. And please, make no interpretations with respect to my pointing out a specific candidate. His activity, and the resulting counter actions quite obviously are quite important because he has awakened the long suffering ‘man-on-the-street’ to the games played by this ‘reigning class’ of individuals. They highly resent that an ‘outsider’ could be so presumptuous as to belittle one of their own and be so completely politically incorrect. This, even though, much of what he says is correct; e.g. his stance on immigration already is ‘on the books’ as defined by the McCarran-Walter Act of 1952 and employed by Jimmy Carter in 1972.

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Trauma Baby

Trauma Baby, an e-book by Darren Van Gramberg is a disturbing look at the level of relationships existing to an extent in all schools today, but particularly prevalent in more depressed areas. The present story describes relevant action taking place in a school in a somewhat ‘mixed’ area of London.

Characters: The reader meets David, the young son of early marriage parents who have ‘grown apart’. The father now is an alcoholic, non-abusive but detached. His loving mother is awaiting a heart transplant but seemingly quite up-beat and resilient. Tensions arise when she notices his bruised knuckles and asks what he has done. His father’s reaction is quieted when she tells him she can handle it and he stamps out of the room. David’s response to her question of whether this is the type of person he wants to become, is that the guy deserved it and he enjoyed it. Next, the reader is introduced to the characters and usual pairings and groupings prevalent in schools. Most prominent female players are Meghan and equally attractive Delilah who act as the instigators of varying degrees of jealousy in relationships among the male students and slightly later Lucy, whose traumatic history is particularly involved. Notable among the male contingent are Adam, a “Polish loose cannon”; Samuel, known as “The Nigerian Prince”, Isaac, a seemingly vicious individual with a vague relationship to Lucy; Randy, a bully, Sandy, who commits suicide and David, who we know ‘likes to fight’. Throw in a couple of teachers who ‘could care less’, a Principle who is more concerned about reminiscing about his earlier accomplishments, some foster parents, and a couple of completely incompetent police and we have the setting for development of a truly ‘unhealthy’ situation.

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Shootout in Cheyenne

Shootout in Cheyenne ISBN: 9781523300884, Black Horse Publishing an e-book in the western genre by Joe Corso.

The reader is introduced to the protagonist, Cal (Calico) Rhymes along with John (Bear) Mercer and Jesse James as they prepare, along with other members of the confederate Quantrill’s Raiders, to make their infamously devastating raid on Lawrenceville, Kansas. Cal is unhappy because he joined the unit believing Quantrill to be a true patriot and after discovering that the leader was instead an unprincipled psychopath insisting on the killing even of defenseless women and children, he wanted to pull out. However, he continued until final discharge because Quantrill held the unenviable reputation of tracking down and killing, as a deserter, anyone leaving his command. Upon discharge he starts west with the idea of attempting to gain enough money to buy a small ranch and settle down. From this beginning his life runs a most serendipitous course. He encounters the representative for Winchester Arms who is running a shooting competition to advertise the company’s new Yellow Boy rifle, an improvement on the Henry repeater which had several problems. A heavily engraved, beautifully stocked ‘Golden Boy’ rifle with gold infiltrated into the bronze/brass receiver was the prize. He wins and heads west where he encounters two other young men and joins them in a highly successful buffalo hunt. On the way back to sell the hides, they are attacked by a group of thieves. His partners are killed, he is severely wounded but able to escape detection and is able to survive before collapsing and falling from his horse into the arms of a rancher near Cheyenne. He recovers with the family’s aid, discovers that his attackers were a gang under direction of a land and power hungry rancher in the area. He is appointed sheriff of Cheyenne, acquires some unusual deputies and eventually the building tensions erupt into the shootout within the town. Cal not only is involved in attempting to keep the town and its people safe but is involved in a dilematous but pleasant situation involving three beautiful young women.

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A Lethal Time

A Lethal Time ISBN: 9781938135538, Telemachus Press a mystery e-book, fourth in the Samantha Jamison Series by Peggy A. Edelheit.

Sam has successfully unraveled the series of mysterious occurrences on the Rivera with the aid of her usual accomplices and delivered her manuscript to her editor. She also has decided that, in spite of her ambivalent feelings about Clay, she was willing to take some time to ‘figure things out’ about their personal relationship. As a seemingly perfect place to indulge in this activity, she has taken over a house-sitting job in scenic New Hampshire. Crystal, a member of her group, had a cousin, Sally who was to travel on business with her husband Tom, needed someone to housesit their huge home complete with century old barn. San and Clay were sleeping peacefully when awakened by the telephone at 0635. Clay didn’t move so she struggled to answer and a woman screamed “Hey, someone stole my woods! You’ve got to help me now!” After ultimately determining the person actually was not deranged but rather a neighbor who had had a large wooded track denuded while away for a short spell. This was not an unusual occurrence in this part of the state because lumber was at a premium and loggers would ‘pounce’ when a section was left untenanted even for a short time. She had heard of Sam’s unusual ability to solve mysteries and asked for her help. From this rude awakening, Sam and her disparate group of aids ranging from young bikers and tattoo artists to geriatrics and help from the FBI, gradually meander through a convoluted plot and sub-plots culminating in a nicely wrapped package tying together all of the loose ends. The last twelve per cent or ‘500 locations’ of the book is/are devoted to the next book in the series.

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The Old Man and the KIng

The Old Man and the King ISBN: 9780578111537, Black Horse Publishing, a thriller in e-book form by Joe Corso.

Plot/Characters: A prologue tells us that the young King of Talvania is to address the United Nations, his auto is stopped by an impossible snow storm two blocks short of their target, and he decides to walk the remaining distance. According to protocol, his security exits first, next his Secretary of State and as he is about to follow, a hail of bullets from a following Mercedes cuts them down. He escapes in the storm, realizes if he proceeds to the U.N. the assassins will try again, so stays hidden. Chapter One introduces the protagonist Lom, a 72-year-old trim, still muscular Korean Veteran Tennessean, now living in New York in a small apartment at the back of a Pawn Shop owned by his buddy and veteran Charlie, who’s life he had saved in that “Police Action”. Charlie’s shop kept him acquainted with ‘the street’ and all that occurred there. He was well-known and even acknowledged by the police as an honest dealer. Their favorite restaurant was the Good Burger, a small eatery on Second Avenue in midtown Manhattan. Martha was the goodhearted, hardworking red-headed fifty year old, slightly heavy but attractive waitress friend of the two. At breakfast, Lom notices a black Mercedes arrive, three men get out look around, are irritated, get back in and drive away. Next a young man steps out of a recessed entrance of a nearby store, looks around cautiously and comes to the café. He is early twenties, handsome, blond, six feet and well-dressed. The Mercedes reappears, the men enter ready to shoot the kid when three shots ring out and the intruders fall dead. From this active beginning, the reader is led on an action packed journey where Lom and Toby, the young King, are pursued until they turn the tables and become the pursuers of the villainous characters who have been hired by Toby’s brother to have him removed so that he could become the ruler.

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