The Coin

The Coin won a Finalist Award in the Mystery/Suspense Category from the Indie Excellence National Awards.

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El Tigre

El Tigre won a Finalist Award in Western Fiction in both Indie Excellence and USA Best Books Awards.

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El Tigre II

El Tigre II has won a Finalist Award in the Western Category in the Indie Excellence National Awards Competition.

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Lobo was the winning novel in the Military Fiction Category in the Indie Excellence National Awards Competition.

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Paralysis Paradox

Paralysis Paradox, Book One of a proposed series, an e-book by Stewart Sanders, is probably the most unusual book I ever have encountered. It is a sci-fi/fantasy whose title is eminently descriptive: paralysis is defined as an inability to move, act or function; paradox is a seemingly contradictory statement that may be true, and/or, a person/thing combining contradictory features or qualities.”

The story opens with the activities of a prince in the year of 1168 who must survive efforts to eliminate him. Quickly following are those of a youth in 1911 with some seemingly apparent mental problems and of a teenage girl in 1996 with an indulgent father who is not what he appears to be, a somewhat hostile stepmother, unusual/strange acquaintances and in a gradually revealed ill-defined conspiracy. All of these characters abide in our protagonist who is an extraterrestrial whose mission has been forgotten because of its originally planned extension over a lengthy span of lives and time. The single immediately pertinent fact is the paralyzing paradox of his very existence now complicated by awakening and living each day as one of three different persons. And as this relatively short introductory presentation terminates with a legal problem for one of his characters, the reader is introduced to a fourth identity, an alert ‘being’ seemingly a willing or unwilling component of a mechanism of destruction.

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Everville The Fall of Brackenbone

Everville the Fall of Brackenbone, ISBN: 9780988936461, an e-book, 312 pages by Roy Huff is the 4th book in this continuing series that employs all of the elements of pure fantasy. So regrettably, we must begin with a prominent caveat because books in this genre only occasionally are received by this reviewer.

Orientation for the uninitiated: Many alternative universes exist, often with varying time; e.g., days in one may be years in another. All have some measure of interrelationship and contain greedy individuals and groups. From earlier almost forgotten time, the realm of Everville, lying beyond the land of the hairless Fron, and its associated Land of the Giants, Valley of Darkness, The Other In Between and similarly designated groups, has been the home of many living beings that range, from a human viewpoint, through numerous strange shapes, and sizes from the Lilliputian Ubaloo to giants. Brackenbone is the entryway to The Walls of Vermogen that houses an all-powerful control ‘element’. It is guarded by Rathlar, one of the shape shifting Alarians from one of the alternate universes, who in the form of a huge dragon is its protector – important because of the controlling feature of this ‘element’ and particularly for its control of life for his race. He can change from this shape, but is much depleted when doing so because of earlier injuries. Humans at one time also were part of this societal structure until as we learn later, dastardly action had banned them to earth where continuation of their activities resulted in the period known as The Dark Ages.

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The Duelist’s Seduction

The Duelist’s Seduction, ISBN: 9780996207904, Book One in The Seduction Series, First e-book/print edition of Captivated by His Kiss Collection by Lauren Smith.

Helen Bank’s twin brother Martin has gambled away all of their inheritance and, deeply in debt to extremely wealthy Gareth Fairfax, is scheduled to face him in an unlawful duel. Instead, Helen knocks him out, dons male attire and appears in his stead. She fires first, Garth becomes aware that she is a woman and insists she accompany him to his home and satisfy the debt as ‘his companion’. Despite realizing what this will do to her reputation, she is desperate to save her brother and agrees. From this point the story progresses to reveal that Helen is almost uncontrollably drawn to Garth and that he may not be the dastardly villain he appears to be. The author quite adroitly develops the sexual as well as love satisfying relationship between the two with both titillating sequences and others that make the possibility of a more lasting relationship feasible.

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Completely Connected

Completely Connected, ISBN: 9780990475255, published by Rasur Media, authored by Rita Marie Johnson is a self-help book describing a method for employing one’s empathy and insight to gain a more relaxed and meaningful life.

Among her earliest remarks the author openly states that the process she is about to describe is “like trying to explain a cell phone to a person living in the 1800’s.” And in this manner we begin our introduction to a transformative learning process that reportedly is gaining a highly respected position in education; e.g., she states that the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL), the nation’s leader in advancing academic, social and emotional learning is working to make SEL an integral part of education, pre-school through high school”. One prominent reason is its apparent ability to reduce suicidal and bullying activity among this population. The actual method is described step by step and with different verbalization of different approaches that may be employed to reach one’s final goal. A plethora of pertinent examples is provided so at least one or more should ‘ring a bell’ for any one individual requiring help.

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The Kingdom of Assassins

The Kingdom of Assassins, an e-book by Erik Mackenzie, is a terrorist/anti-terrorist thriller of grand proportions including modern technology/border-line sci-fi where “Political perception is not political reality. Your perception is your enemy’s deception”.

The plot – a powerful Mid-Eastern Heir Apparent to the throne attempts to rule the United States and the world; a group of Americans headed by a burned out former U.S. Special Forces member provide counter measures.

The players – Sayf, dreams of returning his country to the world domination held by Tamburlaine the Great and will use all modern warfare equivalents in emulating his and other storied destroyers’ activities. He has spent years in building a widely distributed secret network of terrorist units and equipping a large secret force with supplies, warheads and a huge air force of silent drones to deliver them. Sahrazad, his beautiful sister, opposed and aligned with the father in attempting to bring the country more in line with western philosophy because their supply of oil rapidly is diminishing. Mike Maclaymore, now a NYPD detective is a burned out ex Afghanistan Special Forces operative, fluent in the languages of several countries to which his activities led him and suffering from the murder of both his mother and his son as part of this activity. Mike’s uncle Aleister who had raised and guided him, is the powerful Counterterrorism Chief. Eva is a Police Captain responsible for anti-terrorism activity in NYC and also Mike’s wife and mother of the murdered boy. Additionally, she is directly responsible for operations to take out terrorist cells such as one in progress resulting from a tip that, like other previous information from the same unknown source, seems to be legitimate. A number of other characters provide supporting activity of varying significance.

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