Better Together

Better Together, City Owl Press, a romance in e-book, copyright and written by Jessie Gussman.

Plot: Harper Bright, is the daughter of a woman married to the uncle of Wyatt Fernandez, a young man raised by his uncle when his father, owner of an exclusive ski resort in Chili, was too busy to raise him. As such, she had always considered him as a half-brother whom she had grown to enjoy as a wonderful and trustworthy friend. During the growing years Wyatt often was off on exciting, frequently perilous trips on various continents, financed by his father, returning to his home at the uncle’s Pennsylvania farm between trips. Dual participation in a local adventure with unexpectedly dangerous results suddenly changed Harper’s feelings with respect to Wyatt to a deep love. He had harbored similar feelings for more than ten years. Now both were hesitant to express their attitude for fear of ‘losing their best friend’. The situation exacerbated when Wyatt’s father pressured him to return to Chili to help him with the family business that was to be his eventually. He does not want to leave Harper with whom he is convinced he can not do without. Similarly, Harper definitely does not want to move to Chili for several reasons. She has gradually advanced to a PhD in nutrition, with a vote soon to be taken with respect to her promotion to tenured Research Professor at the university. Furthermore, she had an underlying fear of leaving the security offered for which she had worked so hard. And actually she did not even like to travel far from the farmland home in which she had been raised. Yet, she believed she was so emotionally attached to this man she could not do without him either. The steps taken by the two to solve their dilemma provides the substance of this tale.

Discussion: The author provides an interesting situation where two totally opposite individuals experience the growth of a sincere love interest arising from development of a friendship that gradually had grown through a number of years. It further describes the insecurity such persons might experience in attempting not to injure the remarkable relationship already developed by moving too rapidly to the next level. The settings are skillfully done and the characters believable. A caveat from probably the only reviewer who found some of the interaction between the protagonists somewhat ‘overextended’. However, this is a story that will greatly appeal to lovers of heartfelt accounts of ‘nice’ people working through problems together to attain a mutually desired goal.

4*       5* for most romance devotees; -1 apropos this reader’s caveat.



Eating Yourself Sick

Eating Yourself SICK ISBN: 9781599329147, Advantage Media Group, an e-book copyright and written by Joseph S. Galati. MD.

The book opens with the author expressing his gratitude toward his family and numerous others who had taught him about three basic needs for survival in life – the 3 F’s, Family, Faith and Food. The introduction ends: “This book is the culmination of thirty years of Medicine, tens of thousands of interviews with patients and their families, and lifelong learning in the kitchen and at the dining table. I’m going to share with you what my mother instilled in me, and the lessons I have learned since, about healthy eating and the benefits of cooking for yourself and your family.” He then proceeds with ten chapters and a Conclusion examining in detail each facet of this important but too often neglected part of life that literally is killing individuals before their time. He first provides material for an overall understanding of obesity-related disease; follows with the important role played by family, food and lifestyle; then explains the ugly truth of fatty liver disease and its interrelationship with other conditions; next a simple explanation of how the body works; followed by the need for each individual to take control of his/her health; explains the difference between Man (processed and similar) Food and Earth Food, explaining in detail tricks played by the food industry and its purveyors; the importance of reviving an understanding of the kitchen and family participation; along with a chapter providing “A few Cooking Basics” with actual descriptions of basic ‘tools’; before explaining the importance of exercise routines. The last two provide his suggestions that arise from his identical activity and a conclusion that there are “No Excuses – “You gotta’ Wanna’ Do It”. The book ends with an enumeration of the author’s impressive credits and a list of seventy references.

Discussion: This book is one of the more complete books I have read on the subject of obesity, its causes, effects and what must be done to erase it. The statistics substantiating the facts set forth are too impressive to be ignored and the presentation by a very knowledgeable individual has been in a simple manner that readers of any level of education easily may comprehend. The author has produced a book this reviewer most highly recommends not only for individuals with an obesity problem, but also for any reader caught up in today’s more usual, rather frenetic way of life.

5* Highly recommended for anyone participating in today’s frenetic lifestyle.