Un-Making a Murder

Un-Making a Murderer: The Framing of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey, (First published by Gadfly Press, GB 2017) this e-book published, copyright and written by Shaun Attwood.

An introduction explains that the author’s story presents a follow-up to the widely viewed 2015 Documentary film production ‘Making a Murderer’. Specifically he states: “Watching the documentary made me want to help Steven and Brandan (the subjects of the Documentary). Being familiar with the Department of Corrections procedures, I posted some YouTube videos advising people how to send letters and money to them without violating the prison rules. The avalanche of positive responses was overwhelming. Some of the millions who watched ‘Making a Murderer’ went online to express their outrage at the blatant injustice.”

The prose that follows describes how Steven Avery was convicted of rape and attempted murder, exonerated after spending 18 years in prison and 2 years later on the verge of receiving $36 million in compensation was accused and convicted of another brutal murder. This time implicating his mentally challenged 16-year-old nephew as well. So, now within the body of this work, he describes what he terms as “The Art of Framing Innocent People” wherein he lists and provides lengthy descriptions of 9 strategies employed – Trigger Emotional Reactions; Conceal Other Suspects; Coerce False Confessions; Plant Evidence; Pay Expert Witnesses to Lie; Ensure Public Defenders work for the Prosecution; Neutralize Honest Witnesses; Procure Dishonest Witnesses; Hire Sociopathic Prosecutors; Rig the Jury. Also included are: a conjectural chapter on the identity of the killer of the second victim; What you can do for Steven and Brandan; Get a free book; Social-Media Links; Shaun Attwood’s True-Life Jail Experience; Other books by Shawn Attwood and a short author’s biography.

Discussion: Unfortunately this reviewer has not seen the Documentary so readers must be aware that my remarks with respect to the subject under discussion are made strictly from the written evidence provided on these pages. However, if the lengthy accounts presented here by the author contain even a modicum of truth, it would appear that there had been numerous inexcusable errors committed not only in jurisprudence procedures but additional misuse of power almost at inconceivable levels. Furthermore, when reading this account, one must be aware that the author himself is a former correctional institution inmate as “a former stock-market millionaire and Ecstasy supplier turned public speaker, author and activist who is banned from America for life.” Regardless, any reader who is aware of the seemingly duplicitous, dishonest, deceitful and even illegal activities indulged in by the DOJ, FBI, CIA and even by elected and formerly elected individuals to represent the citizens of the United States, the suggestions supplied by the author seem extremely reasonable indeed. Of course, this conclusion also depends heavily upon how much a reader can believe the material provided by a horribly divided and highly biased news media. As an aside, much of the repetitive material, although no doubt included to strengthen the author’s presentation, could be selectively edited to enhance readability.

3* 4* Interestingly informative exposé(?); -1 judicious editing would enhance enjoyment.

Marketing in the #FakeNews Era

MARKETING in the #FakeNews Era ISBN: 9781599329260, Advantage Media Group, an e-book by Peter Horst

The book opens including a list of acknowledgements of persons “…who spent time with me to offer their wisdom…” and is followed by an Introduction that appealingly begins with “I can’t wait to hear what you learn – just don’t mention me.” The author recounts how, while preparing a speech on how brands increasingly are drawn into social and political “firestorms, #boycotts, and social media crises”. he had spoken with numerous other CEO’s, all of whom concurred with the growing importance of this subject. Further, each had expressed his/her desire to know what others said, BUT most frequently ended the conversation with some variation of this remark. His conclusion: “When veteran executives say they really want to read something but are afraid to be associated with it, you know it’s a topic that needs some attention.” Thus, he specifically delineates his target audience as “anyone who is accountable for the long-term financial health of an organization. That means you CEO’s, general managers and board members.” However, he believes it also includes the marketers, PR managers and all communications professionals “who need a deep understanding of each other’s craft because another new reality is that brand health and corporate reputation have become deeply interwoven” because “the new realities for brands in the #FakeNews Era” is here, and probably for a long time to come.

The body of the work follows in three parts. PART I: THE NEW REALITY broken into 3 Chapters: 1 – Collapse of the middle and the rise of tribalism; 2 – Fear and loathing in America; 3 – No safe sidelines. In these chapters he examines the “Collapse of the Middle” – the economic middle class, centralist political posture, and a balanced and impartial news media, all disappearing with everything and everybody being pulled into opposing camps (formation of ‘tribes’ characterized by their strong social identity) followed logically by the rise of intertribal fear and loathing aided and abetted by the #FakeNews Media. Thus, “Americans have lost trust in the people who are supposed to make it work, to fix the problems and make society better” resulting in loss of safety that existed formerly in the sidelines. PART II: NEW RULES with 4 Chapters, each title self-explanatory – Identify your core values; Understand your tribe; Put your values on display: New rules in action – Heineken’s “Worlds Apart” characterized by a brief description (for those unfamiliar) of the controversial Heineken’s proposal and followed by discussion of its tenets. PART III: LEADING UNDER FIRE composed of 4 Chapters, also self-explanatory with titles –Overcoming internal objections; Get ready for when it hits the fan; How to respond under fire; Is this reality here to stay, which is a compilation of statements contributed by CEO’s, President/chair, founder/cofounders, etc. of well-known organizations. A, Brief Parting Thoughts, and a note, About the Author, providing details of his extensive capabilities and contributions conclude the book. Most helpfully, at the end of each chapter a list of ‘Takaway’ thoughts are listed.

Discussion: There is not much this reviewer can offer except to strongly recommend that interest in this author’s presentation actually should far exceed his targeted audience. As someone many years involved in a different area of consulting, I find his strategic vision is impressive and his ability to discern the bases of a problem, precisely delineate them and then provide practical, viable solutions is amazingly apparent. Thus, whether of his targeted audience or simply any thinking person today, all will discover answers to many questions about today’s seemingly chaotic milieu provided in a stimulatingly enjoyable package.

5* Informative, stimulating, enjoyable for audience even beyond those targeted.