What the Fire Ignited

What the FIRE Ignited, ISBN: 9781642250275, Advantage Media Group, a motivational e-book Copyright and written by Shay Eskew,

This is the true story of a man whose remarkable journey began when as an eight-year-old child an accident caused him to be enveloped in flames that burned 65 % of his body. Thus as a child, he was forced either to die or find the mental toughness, grit and tenacity of purpose to survive the excruciating pain of an almost endless succession of treatments for this life threatening accident that even during the ensuing years has requiring more surgeries and therapy and other setbacks too numerous to mention. He not only has survived but has become a successful businessman, married to a beautiful and understanding woman with whom he has five children he simply adores and has reached incredible heights in several sports (after having been informed he never again would be able to participate). Perhaps the most astonishing of the physical feats he has accomplished is repeatedly finishing high in IRONMAN competitions as well as never having failed to complete any and all such competitions he has entered. (For the uninitiated such competitions consist of a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride, followed immediately by a 26.2 mile marathon.) His survival and actual ability to attain these highs combined with his simultaneous ability to carve out a most enjoyable and successful life he attributes to discoveries actually forced upon him. Out of necessity he was able “to train his brain to believe when faced with a death situation, he will survive so the brain automatically starts focusing on survival techniques and a solution.” Similarly “you can block out all distractions in life that deter you from achieving your goals.” He admonishes people – “Don’t subscribe to the victim mentality. Life is not fair and bad things happen to good people. Once you accept it, life is pretty simple. When something bad happens, know that someone has been through something worse and not only survived, but thrived.” That “Obstacles are opportunities in disguise” and “Our greatest disappointments in life are preparing us for our greatest blessings. We just have to keep the faith and continue doing what we know will make us successful, even if we’re not seeing immediate results.” It is necessary to have “Faith in God and the belief that success doesn’t happen overnight.” The story contains many more observations with respect to his life including humorous incidents resulting from adjustments he has made as well as poignant incidents and ruminations.

Discussion: This utterly engrossing true story proceeds to offer a massive amount of material that every person, in any position in life, physically compromised or not, can find helpful, if not literally ‘life saving’ in many ways.

5* A book EVERYONE can profit by reading.


First Survivor

First Survivor, an e-book published, copyright and written by Mark Unger.

The book is sub-titled “The Impossible Childhood Cancer Breakthrough”. The presentation follows with the author’s “true story of our unique journey. All proceeds from this book will go to the Carrot Seed Foundation where they will be used to fund neuroblastoma trials and support the children and families who are stricken by this disease..” There follows an account of this closely knit, loving family and how they reacted to learning that their 3-year old son had neuroblastoma. At the time of his acquisition this malignancy provided practically zero survival rate. The story then follows how they managed to cope with the tragedy – the need for constant care largely provided by assistance from the child’s mother both while in the cancer treatment centers and the periods at home. Simultaneous the attempts by the father to keep his only slightly older brother who was the stricken child’s constant companion from feeling unloved and ‘left out’, And all of this while attempting to maintain some business activity. At the same time these intelligent individuals were themselves delving into treatment plans available throughout much of the world, suggesting possible changes to the sympathetic, cooperative and receptive physicians who themselves were completely involved in attempting to move treatment for these unfortunate children toward a better prognosis. And perhaps most importantly is the part played by the child patient who at this early age was immensely corporative acting with a maturity far beyond his age through Cat-Scans, extremely painful bone biopsies, horrendous surgical procedures and repeated bouts of chemotherapy. Fortunately, the combined efforts of all of the principals finally delivered a live individual free of this devastating disease.

Discussion: The author has set forth an extremely detailed account of the day to day activity of the child, various doctors, his wife, the child’s emotionally close brother and his hours of researching neuroblastoma. It is a book that is a must read for any parents who have a child suffering from the same malignancy, as well as offering a template for family activity when even similar devastating disease strikes one of their small children. For those parents newly encountering this devastating condition the author has included 13 pages of glossary, 10 pages of Medical Background which are further explanations and 21 pages of a concise list of the child’s survival activity

Summary: . A truly remarkable depiction of growth of a protocol that has led to a remarkable survival rate for suffers of a malignant tumor once with an almost zero survival rate.

5* Remarkable child’s battle with a zero survival rate cancer.