Bubble Belly

Bubble Belly, Passerport Productions, a children’s e-book copyright and written by Chris Tian.

This very short, illustrated book is the simple story of Junco who wants only a big juicy hamburger. His mother tells him no, to eat all the fruit he wants for breakfast. At lunch she tells him to eat all the vegetables he wants for lunch. The same message for snack time. – all the snacks he wants. However, for dinner he gets his hamburger but is so full of everything else he has eaten all day that he must rush to get rid of all of the food plus the big juicy hamburger.

According to the other reviewers, the reaction of small children of their acquaintance to this book was a joyfully reception. This seems to be in accord with serious studies performed a number of years ago by educators who had become concerned with the tremendous drop in the amount of reading done by children. They discovered that books with a violent theme and/or bathroom humor were by far the best received. The reaction reported by the reviewers here appear to support the findings of the educational studies in the past. So from this reviewer’s perception, if the parent, friend or other acquaintance of these young children wish to provide books with such content, this book definitely seems ideal. If instead they would prefer to present more appropriate reading material to aid the child’s progression, any number of well-written/illustrated books are available. Obviously, this is the buyer’s decision.

3* 4* to 1* dependent upon the giver’s desired level of motivational provision.

The One Things

The One Things ISBN: 9781545621875, Xulon Press copyright and written by Dr, C. Todd Fetter.

Grandpa Ed was a charming old man who every morning during the school year arose early and walked to the school crossing to greet the children. Every afternoon on the way home they would stop by his house to hear the endless stories he had to tell. He never had married or had children of his own. Instead, he had dedicated his life to helping orphaned children around the world. One day word spread that Grandpa Ed was in the hospital. Emma persuaded her mother to take her and a few friends – James, Sophia, Max and Noah – to visit him in the hospital where, once again, he was able to fully engage them by telling stories. This time it was to teach them lessons by having them participate by using their hands and attaching the significant aspect of the story to a particular finger selected on one of the hands of each child. The stories were based on selections from the Bible that illustrated the points being made. Finally he recapped the stories with the children with the emphasis resulting in the children ultimately understanding the importance of studying hard, learning to live a good life and to know God, with hopefully a hint furnished by those five fingers, if necessary.

Discussion: A children’s book well-written and illustrated to provide in a most child-friendly manner lessons on living with emphasis on religious tenets. The author, apparently closely associated with the Evangelistic ministry, appears to have been able to present these sessions with children in a smooth, natural manner. This is a difficult task, not easily accomplished by most writers. Thus, Dr. Fetter’s book should be well-accepted and thoroughly enjoyed especially by children being raised in the Christian Faith.

5* Children’s book especially enjoyable for those in the Christian Faith.