The Scene

The Scene ISBN: 9780995792937 published, copyright and written by Mark Lakeram.

The plot begins as two boyhood acquaintances become mutually engaged in exploratory sexual activity for the first time while meeting on the continent where both families are on vacation. From this initiation, the story follows the two as they return to London and become immersed in the activities of, and with members of this alternative culture. The tale continues in a somewhat baffling manner involving some feminine acquaintances along with the community’s members pursuing their individual desires with repetitive sexual encounters and/or endless conversation with respect to it. The story is told from differing individual’s point of view in often fragmentary pieces and frequently is a bit confusing as to the identity of the individual.

Conclusion: An erotic alternative culture fictional tale that, from this reviewer’s perspective, requires considerable editing to provide any meaningful story, or even acceptably consistently readable book.

2* At best; Erotic alternative culture novel; under developed characters; poorly defined goals.

Beneath the Scars

Beneath the Scars ISBN: 9780999235706, Shalimar Press, an e-book by A. M. Carroll.

Lacey Burke, a product of a sordid early childhood of being shifted constantly from one foster home to another, now is a NYC police detective with a partner who is a very handsome, dominant, womanizer who equates well with everyone. The original plot purportedly is about her being haunted by a horrible dream that begins after sighting a strangely familiar man on the subway and subsequent activity involving this man who actually is stalking her. However, the tale also contains numerous other concurrent activities of police/criminal action as well as elements of mystery, a little suspense and an evolving romance. The story ends a little short of the first elements but satisfactorily for devotees of the romance genre and provides a beginning for further tales about the protagonist and her adventures.

Thus, this is not exactly the “fast-moving tale of suspense” reported in the introductory blurb. Some of the activity does deal with the “repressed memories” expressed. It also morphs into fundamentally a romance of sorts containing considerable “romantic tension” as reported. The less than enthusiastic term describing the romance results from the seeming concentration on repetitive explicit sexual activity and also slows when time is spent on the understandable difficulties Lacey has with respect to her partner Jason and his womanizing history. Additionally his strong dominance tendencies, as described, certainly would make one hesitant about a lasting ‘love’ situation because of the known dangerous levels to which such tendencies can escalate.

Conclusion: An erotically inclined romance with bits of mystery and suspense involving psychologically burdened individuals that should provide a pleasant read for many.

3* Erotically oriented, multi genre story no doubt of interest to many.