Modify Destiny

Modify Destiny

ISBN: 9781519740243, an e-book by Bill Higgins, first self-published as The Project by William D. Higgins in 2007.

Plot: The reader is introduced to “the project” as Reuben Garrett proceeds to meet with a high level governmental ‘security officer’ to play him a tape made years before of a secret meeting with President Kennedy that acknowledged recognition of the fact that UFO’s were making not infrequent visits to earth. We next are introduced to protagonist Dave Reed, a former Air Force Officer who, after a short time as a security guard, now functions as a night shift message watch officer for several organizations in the CIA. He is a likeable guy, constantly sleep-deprived because of his simultaneous studying for his M.A. degree He equates well with his co-worker Mary Ann Adams, as well as his supervisor Whitley Larson and co-worker Bob Wang, a huge Chinese-American weightlifter who was born in America but raised in Hong Kong and incidentally has a relative with top secret clearance. He has an interest in UFO’s after having experienced a brush with one in flight that he has been ordered ‘to forget’. Reports of an increased number of sightings of the craft are reported as particularly prevalent in the very small town of Ramps, W. Virginia. Co-incidentally, the message center receives a flash message from NORAD of an unusual sighting over the Bering Sea followed shortly by a strange call from the organization’s Commanding Officer to forget it as it was an error. Dave has been corresponding with a character, John ‘Tater’ Potts who had had encounters with UFO’s in Ramps. He has a long week-end so decides to get together with him to talk about them. Bob accompanies him and here they meet Tater, his well-educated sister Shelby, the local Sheriff’s Deputy, the head of a civilian organization established to investigate UFO’s and a pleasant stranger Dan Hoffman, who is not exactly who he appears to be. From here the story unfolds with a picture of governmental cover-up and a strange tale of the purported origin of, activity of, and reasons for this activity by the inhabitants of the space ships. All ensuing activity proceeds to an explanation of certain ‘happenings’ and an epilogue with a resulting ‘correction’.

Discussion/Conclusion: The author has provided interesting conjectural reasons for the origin, existence, functions and especially reasons for existence of UFO’s.

4* Tale offering still another conjectural ‘raison d’être’ for the UFO’s.

Golden Children

Golden Children, is a short fictional story in e-book form by Avi Lewis Wolfson.

Plot: Ted Camble is a newly hired (largely because of his Great Grandfather’s reputation) staffer at Riafnu Unified School District special programs for Special Needs Children. He actually dislikes and abuses these children; e.g., when seemingly providing praise or help he actually physically hurts them although in a manner not easily observable so a parent believes the help and/or praise is sincere. Unfortunately the children are too young to differentiate and must assume the parents, whom Ted impresses, are correct, so he becomes a ‘hero’. Ted and the District’s Director of Special Education Stacy Stumpkins, the young wife of the elderly school Principle Howard, are in an illicit relationship. The husband dies shortly thereafter at a dinner eating Ted’s and his mother’s recipe. The couple think it wise not to mention their relationship, but eventually marry and complications ensue that result in an unmasking of Ted’s actual character faults and associated attitude toward the children

Discussion: The author, assumedly associated in some manner with children with special needs, has provided a most noteworthy introductory note: “…extra special thanks to all the children who have persevered and continue to work through hardships in school, this story was written and dedicated in your honor.” For this sincerely expressed reason, it is most unfortunate that the author did not confer with a knowledgeable editor before publishing this little book. It is his first and unfortunately the well-intentioned story falls into a situation often demonstrated by new writers of not developing the plot and/or characters so the reader can experience a satisfaction with what has been set forth.

Conclusion: A well-intentioned but regrettably not well-presented exposé of a deplorable situation that requires much needed attention.

3* Well-intentioned exposé of a deplorable situation.