Diamonds are Not a Girl’s Best Friend

Diamonds are Not a Girl’s Best Friend ISBN: 9781945330698, Telemachus Press, Book 11, Samantha Jamison Mystery Series by Peggy A. Edelheit.

As usual, Samantha (Sam) becomes involved in solving an immensely complicated mystery. This time once again it is in New Hope but now entails the theft of an antique cane. Emil, the renowned French Chef who recently has sold his famous Bistro, has become interested in these unique items and has begun a local group of similarly interested collectors. He has invited the group, along with Sam and her geriatric mystery-solving co-workers, to his home for a showing of his latest purchase. They arrive early to discover Emil unconscious with severe head wounds and the diamond encrusted merchants’ cane missing. Upon regaining consciousness, Emil can recall nothing of the occurrence. Sam and her partners embark upon ferreting out and pursuing clues in their unique manner with the help of Clay and Tony and even Tony’s mother who enters the action upon escaping from the mental institution.

The author again involves her quirky characters in a fast-moving romp replete with duplicity, deception and murder as it winds toward a conclusion. She further has provided interesting details about an unusual object for collectors as well as some interesting facts about diamonds, faux and real. A slight lack of editing detail not noticed in other of the series unfortunately is apparent in this volume and the plot appears to be somewhat more contrived than usual. But again, she has projected her zany group into the often hare-brained activity so appealing to readers of this seemingly well-received series

3* Another amusing (with reservations) romp by the regular, along with new, zany characters.


Emboozlement, Laughriot Press, a McCall & Company e-book novel by Rich Leder.

Kate McCall is an actress participating regularly as a member of the D-Cup Company in their off-, off-, off-Broadway productions. She also is owner of McCall & Company, a PI firm and .45 Cal. automatic inherited from father Jimmy who had been killed by a hired killer. She was 45 years old, a superb boxer because her dad, a sports fan, had insisted, manager of an apartment complex and a teen-age mother of a now Assistant District Attorney, who, along with the NYPD were not in the least happy with her PI activities. The story follows Kate and her Zany friends/employees/neighbors/co-actors as she meanders through her theatrical performances while attempting to find the culprit who is embezzling large sums of money from a popular sports bar, developing a possible romantic attachment to the owner and also investigating murders in a high priced law firm owned and operated by two married couples with secretes of their own – the murderer employing the same modus operandi as that of her father’s murderer.

The author has a lengthy list of credits for production of humorous books, TV and big screen films and has set forth here another in this same vein with a quirky protagonist, weird plots for her zany characters’ productions, and wacky parts for them to play in her supposedly serious attempts to bring her cases to a satisfactory conclusion. A tremendous number of loose ends remain at the story’s end, but if a reader enjoys a totally unconventional, even nonsensical romp, you’ll love this one.

5* For readers who enjoy a totally oddball read.