Make Your Own Rainbow

Make Your Own Rainbow, sub-titled you need never again be a victim of your emotions. Library of Australia ISBN: 187562783. This new edition published 2014 (previous editions 1990, 1996) by Leonard Ryzman.

A prologue opens the book with an excellent example of the power of positive thinking and other components of the author’s program. It is a short recounting of what was once a well know story. Ed Furgol, a golfer with a withered left arm that was eight inches shorter than the right one as a result of an accident at 12 years of age, went on to attain the height of golfing success – the 1954 U. S. Open Golf Champion. Following this short prologue, THE END is presented with the following introduction that explains the author’s distinct admonition: “I want you to stop and realize something powerful. For you this is the end – the end to thinking “I do not know how to lead a more fulfilling, successful life’.” From this point on, the author presents his Dynamic Emotion program that “provides you with alternative ways of viewing your life and offers simple techniques for improving it in a dramatic and permanent way”. Thus, you can experience “the thrill of living and achieving” and “become a happier and more successful person at home and at work”. Twelve individual chapters follow with suggestions on How to Unlock your Abilities; explanation of How the Mind Works; Ways to Use Your Emotions; Benefits of Worry – an amusingly blank page chapter of obvious significance; Breaking Free of Fear’s Stronghold; Creating your future; Gain Support of Your Greatest Ally (self-suggestion); Add Years to Your Life; How to Understand Your Problems; How to Get from where you are to where you want to be and finally; Wake Up! to your potential because “Your potential is vaster than you know”. Each of these chapters contains a host of exemplary persons who provide specific examples to illustrate the effectiveness of the point being made within the chapter. They range from prominent persons well known to all such as violinist Arthur Rubenstein, Albert Einstein, comedian George Burns, Olympian Wilma Rudolph to other lesser known individuals such as a former gang member who became a prominent juvenile judge, a paraplegic who managed huge farm sections in Australia and many more fascinating individuals who so perfectly buttress the author’s Dynamic Emotion program.

Discussion: The number of ‘self-help’ books that are appearing in the recent past is reaching a sizeable number. The occurrence seems to coincide with a seemingly growing fear of failure that has become a dominant part of every one’s life. Whether it is achievement in one’s business, love, or even other aspects of life such as the simple matter of attainment of pleasure appear to cause some level of apprehension ranging from a low ‘free-floating anxiety’ to advanced stages leading to depression. The author has set forth one of the better programs this reader has examined and he has written it in the same manner motivational speakers are able to ‘get their message across’ successfully. He has devised a path and shown how individuals can proceed to attain their desires. And, he has provided examples how individuals from numerous walks-of-life have been able to overcome often unimagined physical and/or mental problems by similarly realizing that a negative attitude or worry would only compound their problem. Instead, by thinking clearly and positively about their situation, they were able to understand it, harness their emotions, define what they wanted to accomplish and persevered until they were able to reach their goal. The author ends his presentation nicely, as follows: “Happiness is not in the surroundings. The only thing matters is you, because happiness is not in the surroundings. It is in the view you choose to have of these circumstances. This is why it is not what we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness. So make your own rainbow.”

5* Highly motivational presentation of positive thinking and associated factors.

When Courage was the Essence

When Courage was the Essence ISBN: 9781544878119, Create Space Publishing, an e-book by Emilio Iodice.

In these “Lessons from History” the author states “This work is designed for educational purposes only and has been prepared with this in mind.” It is “to provide information and motivation to our readers.” After an unusually extensive disclaimer, the book moves to a provision by several knowledgeable individuals of a lengthy list and description of requirements needed by a leader for him/her to successfully reach that elevated position, and that “the fundamental quality that unites them is courage”. There follows a description of the multiple problems facing today’s world and why this need has become so pressing. The author next organizes the actual “Lessons” along “political courage, personal and professional and spiritual lines” and provides extensive coverage of individuals ranging from Julius Caesar to Abraham Lincoln, Teddy, Franklin Delano and Eleonore Roosevelt, and numerous others from an older political pool. From a newer group, persons such as Martin Luther King, Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Regan, Hillary Clinton, George H. W. Bush to name a few. Personal and professional a host of characters, not the least of which are individuals such as Oprah Winfrey and legendary baseball players Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Jackie Robinson. To represent the personal group early slavery escapee Harriet Tubman, Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani girl who was shot for her adherence to educational pursuits and the stories of several immigrants. The last story offered is a ‘homey’ referral is to the courage shown by the character portrayed by Jimmy Stewart in the motion picture “What a Wonderful Life”.

Discussion: This book certainly meets the author’s desired goal of being designed for educational purposes only. However, in this reader’s opinion, it goes even beyond his intended purpose. Quite literally, it is a profusely footnoted and referenced, scholarly prepared document by a person eminently qualified for the task. This reader did find that adjusting to masses of references within the body of the text was somewhat difficult until finally adjusting. Still, the production fits its desired goal in that it is written in a relatively light, fast-moving manner that will retain the interest of young persons. Parenthetically, older readers who may remember many of the individuals presented, no doubt will enjoy reminiscing as they follow the details. The author admirably has included the blemish on FDR’s otherwise remarkable record with his refusal to attack the supply lines and/or concentration camp furnaces of Auschwitz and others. Regrettably, he has not done as well with Hillary Clinton. And PLEASE do NOT attach any political inferences to the following. The following comments are included strictly in accord with the author’s desired goal of a “book designed for educational purposes only” – specifically “to provide information and motivation to our readers.” Thus, he nicely describes the gracious letter she penned after suffering her defeat, which parenthetically in the light of activity since, has made it appear rather as the mandatory letter required in such situations. The author further speaks of Hillary’s appearance before Congress with respect to the Bengasi Incident and describes how admirably she handled herself when facing a Congressional Hearing. Regrettably, he has not described a glaring fallacy as he had FDR. He failed to add her startling answer to questions about the death of the Ambassador and three other Americans by a mob attacking the U.S. Embassy. Her most shocking answer, “What difference does it make?” would seem to be at a monstrous level of insensitivity that few would expect to be acceptable as a fitting response expected from a leader. Think – Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King.

4* Credibly written book for designated audience and beyond.