The CROSS Worked

The CROSS Worked ISBN: 9781984959255 a religious e-book Zack Maldonado.

The author has sub-titled this book: Why You Can Have Confidence on the Day of Judgement and proceeds in an Introduction to tell the reader “If you’re tired of a god who only wants you to do more or be better, then this book is for you. If you’re confused about the mixed messages you’ve been hearing, then this book is for you. And if you’re burned out because you were told you have to do more for God, then this book is for you.” He then explains that, like many others, “I wasn’t being set free by what I was hearing either. This is why I had to reexamine everything I believed. Once I got back to Scripture, I realized that the gospel is really good news and that God really is good.” What then follows is a scholarly critical analysis of the reasons for this conclusion with three basic reasons: Reason 1; You’re Totally Forgiven, followed by 9 individual supporting chapters; Reason 2: You’re Just Like Jesus, with 7 particularly relevant chapters; Reason 3 Your God Is Good, with 6 more positive chapters supported by reassuring passages from scripture. The presentation ends with 4 pages of exact references to the scriptures quoted, a tremendously helpful 14 page Study Guide and a gracious list of acknowledgements.

Discussion/Conclusion: As almost everyone knows and admits, much confusion exists in attempting to gather the main messages from the Old and New Testaments of the Bible – books contributed to by many groups and individuals over a large expanse of time and offering countless interpretations. In this reviewer’s opinion Maldonado has offered the best critical approach printed to date supporting his discussion with specific spiritual references. Admittedly, most readers will find much of his presentation to be uncomfortably repetitious as is so prevalent with pastors/lecturers, so judicious editing would be most helpful to present this treatise. However, in large part this feature should be overlooked if one is interested in the nicely postulated, credible answers he presents to so many of the controversial opinions extant among religious leaders as well as their parishioners.

3*       5* Content; -2* for reasons described.


Mastering your Emotions

Mastering your Emotions ISBN: 9781938015915 Hybrid Global Publishing by Masha Malka.

The complete title/subtitle to this book is ‘The One Minute Coach to Mastering your Emotions: A step-by-Step Guide to Feeling Happy on a Regular Basis’. It is a relatively short book in spite of the number of sections and chapters because many contain merely a few pages at most, with each focused specifically on its subject. It begins with introductory remarks with respect to “Are Emotions a Purely Human Experience” and “How this Book is Structured and Why”. There follow 5 general Parts – 1: Getting to know your emotions – Getting to know you, which includes 14 individual chapters. Part 2: Emotions that Cause Us Pain and Suffering, that run from Chapter 15 through 33. Part 3: Understand and Boost Your Feel-good Emotions, with Chapters 34 through 45. Part 4: Mastering Your Emotions – Mastering Your Life, with Chapters 46 through 65 and Part 5: Conclusion, Chapters 66 through 70 with a conclusive statement concerning “Tomorrow is Promised to No One.” Two Appendices, a note About the Artist and another About the Author and a Personal Message conclude the presentation. Each chapter contains material pertinent to its title expressed from a somewhat different perspective.

Discussion: The author is a native Russian who has “The experiences of overcoming the struggles of being a refugee at 17-years old, dealing with a very difficult break-up of a 20-year marriage, lived in seven countries …” all while raising three children and still finding time to compete successfully in Ballroom competitions, gain degrees and certificates in higher education and successfully established successful businesses. She now splits her living/working time between Sunny Isles, FL and Marbella, Spain, two areas that provide further insight to this successfully entrepreneurial individual. Sunny Isles is a prime area with both affordable and posh residential and office space to buy and/or rent. Marbella is a once charming village on Spain’s Costa del Sol that greatly expanded with the expansion of nearby Porto Banus to be a ‘must’ port-of-call for mega yachts whose owners and guests enjoyed the expensive restaurants and high end Boutiques constructed along its quays. But Marbella still was able to retain pockets of its old original qualities – something that appears to be important to the author, if properly interpreted from the impression gained by this reviewer from this book. She obviously has acquired a distinct sophistication, but espouses Feng Shui, the Chinese quasi-philosophical system that attempts to interrelate individuals with their surroundings and she also expresses a perhaps lingering attachment to folk medicine as provided in the Appendices. One of her successful ‘businesses’ has been to coach individuals in the subject matter of this book in which she strongly suggests their pertinence. Thus in an interesting manner, this sophisticated woman has presented an approach to ‘harnessing’ one’s emotions in an unadorned, unsophisticated and heartfelt manner that is simple, and no doubt effective for some of the readers who are looking for help. Discerning readers will note that in his brief Forward to the book Michael Bowker appears also to have noted this interesting dichotomy.

3* 5* For those desiring an unsophisticated, heartfelt presentation of help.