Sunset on the Butte

Sunset on the Butte, an e-book in the romance genre set in and around Cascade, Montana probably sometime in the latter half of the 19th Century written and published by Patricia Prinzing.

Pearl Butler arrives by stage in Cascade to join and share a home with her sister Mildred and encounters all sorts of experiences, both life-threatening and those of overwhelming joy and happiness. The stage is robbed on her initial journey, she meets a handsome young rancher in a rather embarrassing manner and marries him. She is abducted by gypsies, sealed in a barrel and thrown into a river, attacked by Indians, meets jewelry thieves when visiting New Orleans among other experiences all while attempting to live a ‘normal’ life. This is a relatively short read with a story line that consists of a series of activities indulged in by the protagonist, her relatives and acquaintances. The characters are not particularly well developed, several appear literally in name only and/or in very short vignettes, and interrelationships do not seem to be ‘naturally’ developed. As a whole it is a simply told tale the author describes as “…my spin on how things might have been in the 1800’s” and as such, no doubt will appeal to the group of readers that enjoy such homely couched tales. A most interesting note: this author is one of the very few ever to include the presence of gypsies within America West in the 1800’s – an immigration that began early in the century.

2* Homely, somewhat ‘uncomfortably’ presented romance no doubt with appeal to certain readers.

Curve Couture


Curve Couture, Royalty Publishing House, an e-book by H. M. Irving.

Plot: Claire Williams is the agent for her 4 year younger sister in the chaotic world of professional modelling. They are the only remaining members of the family and Claire has been ‘taking care of’ her younger sibling since she was twelve. The appearance is not the actual situation, however, because Janice is a completely ego-centric individual, vicious enough not only to survive, but advance to the top level in this cut throat business. Claire, although lovely, is totally insecure. She is more largely proportioned and always has been overshadowed by Janice who repeatedly has demonstrated distain for her in many ways, not the least of which is in the matter of boyfriends. In spite of Claire’s overabundant insecurity, she is noticed by top agent Eric Robinson, himself a former top model with whom Claire has been in love from afar since she was sixteen. They meet and he insists she become a model for a new plus size clothing line that is to be established and the reader is plunged into the frenetic life of clothing design, modelling and all of the intricate machinations entailed. From this introduction, the book’s sub-title “A Beautiful Romance”, develops and progresses to a conclusion that devotees of erotic romance no doubt will find enchanting.

Discussion: The author has nicely depicted much of the frenetic activity surrounding development and production of style shows and the people involved. She further has set a stage for, and developed, a better plot than many stories in the erotica genre. Specifically, it is different because more usually when the verbalization and accompanying sexual activity is of the quality employed here, the story line more usually is not particularly well designed and/or executed. Thus, in this reviewer’s opinion, if books in this genre appeal, you thoroughly will enjoy this one. A caveat in that the publisher admonishes: “Contains explicit language & adult themes suitable for ages 16+.”

5* For erotic romance aficionados