SELF DISRUPTION PUBLISHING, an e-book written and copyright by Richard McCartney.

This is another in a series of books by the author that offers greatly needed help to the struggling self-publisher. When one considers the competition from the vast numbers of new titles published (the last figure I remember seeing is in the neighborhood of a million/year) and the tremendous advantages in favor of the long established powerful old guard of publishers, it indeed is a wonder that the independent’s offering even surfaces. This is exactly the reason McCartney’s book, along with his former offerings, are so important to the newbie and to the struggling self-publishing author. He begins with a short recounting of the exact problems you already know you face followed by providing the theory of why “Disruptive Marketing” works and presents the step by step procedures the reader must employ to gain the recognition required to make your book more than just an ego elevating tool that allows you to proclaim yourself a ‘published author’. This, and the author’s other contributions, in this reader’s opinion, are a MUST READ for anyone wishing to have his/her book properly recognized. And I say this as one who has been much involved in the book world for quite a number of years. Appleton-Century-Crofts published my first textbook which was followed by more in those years when book publishing had a precise pattern. Publishers selected the titles, signed the authors to contracts, gave standard royalties, printed the books, turned them over to their marketing division, discounts were established and standardized, the books were placed with companies who distributed them to book stores who sold them to people and everybody made money. Suddenly, Print on Demand became available, avoiding more costly traditional publishing methods, and many new publishers and authors entered the picture. The evolving problems that ensued gradually were solved, e-books and e-book readers came next and now anyone can publish a book. During this later period of disruption, I had retired from scientific activity and had switched from writing textbooks to teaching a university level course in writing and publishing and personally writing novels. Most unfortunately, my old guard publisher suddenly went ‘belly-up’ and I found myself exactly in the position of the individuals for whom this present volume is intended – getting people to know one’s books. Fortunately, I had the advantage of a large base of readers, so general marketing was not a problem per se. But, as a problem for large numbers of writers, a means for establishing such a base was a main theme for discussion. Obviously, availability of McCartney’s book would have saved countless hours of discussion. A suggestion I provided at the time probably still is viable – those who really enjoy the writing itself should continue for the pure enjoyment and sense of accomplishment and accept any monetary recompense as a most pleasant and additional result. Also to be remembered, the adage that has been around in writing for many years – ‘Don’t be in a hurry to give up your daytime job’. Now however, as a former teacher as well as from the position of a person once experiencing the exact problem faced by new and by struggling self-publishing authors, I should like to offer the simple, straightforward admonishment – McCartney’s book(s) are a MUST READ.

5* A MUST READ for any new and/or struggling self-publishing authors.

The Gift Without Borders

     The Gift Without Borders, a story of “My Healing Journey” written and copyright by Sherry Hardt.

Following a disclaimer, the author offers a dedication to: “God (higher Power) and Kristy Parker who was fearless, supportive and stood by my side during my healing journey” and follows with the steps she took in her journey following a highly disquieting diagnosis of presence of an aneurism and also one of Graves’ Disease, a most serious disorder of the autoimmune system. She then proceeds to explain the huge part Reconnective Healing played in her recovery from the aneurysm. She describes it as an energy that is relative to an optimal state of balance and vitality – a bridge between perceived limitations we have come to accept in our lives and how we can tap into our actual selves. Much depends upon “a foundation of love” and “When the diagnosis (of the aneurysm) came in, I went into appreciation and gratitude for everything in my life, including appreciating myself, and my connection to God. I made time to be in laughter each day. I spent time in nature as much as I could and used self-hypnosis to let go of any stress.” The diagnosis of the major thyroid problem again caused her to seek energy healing sessions (to accompany the medical ministrations) and she was able to discern that its occurrence was associated with a toxic relationship in which she had been involved. She again suggests the overall importance of love and provides: “From the book Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth, by loving yourself, you are honoring God’s gift of life – Self-love activates the Divine Spark within you. You will become love, and you will find your life filled with miracles and possibilities. So love yourself first – without ego – and you will be complete within. The physical body is made up of energy that operates within a vibration or frequency. The vibration of love and joy is free from ego or negative thoughts.” She then provides are a number of “Steps you can take to raise your love of joy vibration.”

Author has a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology, is a professional Wellness Coach in the energy psychology field, a Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner and more with 22 years of experience in the Human Resource Management field. Her message is interesting, very sincerely presented and certainly can provide help to many readers. The one very disconcerting feature, at least to this reader is the abundant superscripted explanation of words. Granted, such activity can be accepted and may even be helpful to some individuals with lesser knowledge. Words such as aneurysm, dopamine, endorphins and the like may be little understood by some. However, when it becomes so extensive as to include definitions of anxiety, clients, yoga and even definition of words such as puppy and kitten, it can become an annoying distraction.

3*        4*Sincerely presented helpful material; 2*annoying distractions.