What the Fire Ignited

What the FIRE Ignited, ISBN: 9781642250275, Advantage Media Group, a motivational e-book Copyright and written by Shay Eskew,

This is the true story of a man whose remarkable journey began when as an eight-year-old child an accident caused him to be enveloped in flames that burned 65 % of his body. Thus as a child, he was forced either to die or find the mental toughness, grit and tenacity of purpose to survive the excruciating pain of an almost endless succession of treatments for this life threatening accident that even during the ensuing years has requiring more surgeries and therapy and other setbacks too numerous to mention. He not only has survived but has become a successful businessman, married to a beautiful and understanding woman with whom he has five children he simply adores and has reached incredible heights in several sports (after having been informed he never again would be able to participate). Perhaps the most astonishing of the physical feats he has accomplished is repeatedly finishing high in IRONMAN competitions as well as never having failed to complete any and all such competitions he has entered. (For the uninitiated such competitions consist of a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride, followed immediately by a 26.2 mile marathon.) His survival and actual ability to attain these highs combined with his simultaneous ability to carve out a most enjoyable and successful life he attributes to discoveries actually forced upon him. Out of necessity he was able “to train his brain to believe when faced with a death situation, he will survive so the brain automatically starts focusing on survival techniques and a solution.” Similarly “you can block out all distractions in life that deter you from achieving your goals.” He admonishes people – “Don’t subscribe to the victim mentality. Life is not fair and bad things happen to good people. Once you accept it, life is pretty simple. When something bad happens, know that someone has been through something worse and not only survived, but thrived.” That “Obstacles are opportunities in disguise” and “Our greatest disappointments in life are preparing us for our greatest blessings. We just have to keep the faith and continue doing what we know will make us successful, even if we’re not seeing immediate results.” It is necessary to have “Faith in God and the belief that success doesn’t happen overnight.” The story contains many more observations with respect to his life including humorous incidents resulting from adjustments he has made as well as poignant incidents and ruminations.

Discussion: This utterly engrossing true story proceeds to offer a massive amount of material that every person, in any position in life, physically compromised or not, can find helpful, if not literally ‘life saving’ in many ways.

5* A book EVERYONE can profit by reading.


Age with Style

Age with Style ISBN: 971946633590, Forbes Media, LLC by Namrata Patel, DDS.

Dr. Patel has set forth and explained the newest approach to dentistry that is identical to that of Holistic Medicine. Simply stated, it stresses the requirement of considering and treating the entire individual as one complete entity, each of whose individual parts are influential in maintenance of that individual as a healthy person. After a Forward, Acknowledgements and Introduction, the book contains thirteen chapters with a concluding Closing Thoughts. Each chapter offers pertinent facts with regard to: 1 – Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body: Symptoms and What They Mean; 2 – The Inflammatory Response explanation; 3 – The Truth about Amalgam Fillings; 4 – Hormones and Your Health; 5 – The Power of a Smile; 6 – Dental Anxiety; 7 – Our Teeth as We Age; 8 – Staving Off the Aging Process; 9 – The Importance of a Healthy Bite; 10 – But Why Does Treatment Have to Cost so Much; 11 – Dental Materials and Technology; 12 – Creating a Healthy Oral Environment; 13 – Sleep Apnea in Adults and Children.

Discussion: With a greater understanding of the delicate interaction of all of the body’s parts, some of the more enlightened Medical and Dental Educators for many years have been attempting to move Dentistry from the reactionary ‘fill ‘em or pull ‘em’ mentality that has been so thoroughly entrenched in most peoples’ minds. And other than this relatively small minority, the professions themselves have not been particularly helpful. In fact, the dental profession’s as well as much of medicines’ non-academically inclined members, rigidity and often almost stultifying reaction to change even occasionally has been remarkably astonishing even to small innovations. Parenthetically, Harvard School of Dental Medicine’s dual degree Dean attempted to initiate the first such academic changes in the early 1940’s with a program that quickly aborted and it is only within the last several years they, and now others as demonstrated by the author, gradually seem to be making headway. With respect to this author’s contribution however, she has set forth the basics of the much needed holistic approach to dentistry that is so necessary to lead a healthy life, an approach that gradually is taking hold in medicine as well in an age where practitioners all too often are forced simply to treat symptoms instead of searching for the basic cause of a patient’s physical problems. Medicine and dentistry have become slaves of a world too frequently served by organizations where an actual knowledge of the professions and the patients they treat is minimal so that the number treated is more important than how they are treated. The reason, of course is the ‘bottom line’ established by individuals to whom a saying coined following WW II might seemingly apply – “Individuals who know the cost of everything, and the value of nothing.”

5* Simply explained answers to many questions about dentistry. Recommended.