Seal Team Bravo: BLACK OPS Isis Broken Arrow II

Seal Team Bravo: BLACK OPS Isis Broken Arrow II, a short story in e-book by Eric Meyer.

Plot: Lt. Kyle Nolan with his four man Seal team must destroy a supply of weapons and explosives being delivered to the Taliban in the freezing Hindu Kush mountain range bordering Afghanistan/Pakistan. They just complete the mission when they are informed there will be no down time. Rather they must immediately return to the same area, penetrate an impregnable mountaintop fortress, rescue a Marine Sergeant who has penetrated the area, and find a nuclear warhead that the Taliban has been able to obtain because of a diplomatic screw-up. Furthermore, he must add a Pakistani officer and two newly trained operatives to his four man team – again the result of diplomatic maneuvering. The story revolves around their activity and is complicated by the fact that the new men are unknown entities, an old acquaintance of Nolan, Amber Chase, now a Seal Captain, already is at the site, and the occurrence of numerous on-the-spot problems.

Discussion: This is another in this fast paced thriller series of short stories by an author who writes most enjoyably readable action stories for readers who often find themselves with a short space of time on their hands.

5* Another enjoyable thriller by this author.

Stones in the River

Stones in the River, Vol. 1, is a short story in e-book format by Jason Tucker.

Plot: Jamie was sitting on his couch enjoying a beer and half watching TV news after a long shift at the factory. An announcement from the Lottery headquarters began and listed a number that sounded like the one he had just purchased. He checked, was right and went quietly bananas. It seems he was the lone winner of 33 million dollars. He thought of calling Stephanie a bartender he had seen a few times, but thought better of it. But he didn’t know who to call? Living in a small mountain town was tough. If it was the wrong person, everybody would know. A call to his parents would bring aunts, uncles, their kids, etc. and besides he had to work in the morning. Finally, he called his grandmother and told her he thought he won some money. She thought that was nice but he should not drink any more beer and go to bed. At this moment he knew he would never change. He would be the same old Jamie – send his family on vacations, buy grandma a new car, nieces and nephews stuff they wanted, get the Jeep he had been wanting. In other words he would be generous but not showy. “He would go to work, pay his bills and save money. It was a shame about Stephanie, but he’d meet some nice southern girl who wasn’t wowed by money, they would have three kids and send them all to college.” Unfortunately, this is NOT what followed his winning of the lottery. Instead, as the story unfolds, the Lottery insists upon wide dissemination of the knowledge of his win, Stephanie sues him for several million, his job is given to ‘someone who needs it’ and other occurrences have him leaving for an Alaskan fishing trip that provides an interesting twist to the tale.

Discussion: This is a short story by a newer author that offers an appealing approach to a timely subject. The presentation of the story line is interesting, the pace is good and characterization is a bit sketchy, but adequate. A shift from pure narrative to a conversational approach, in the reviewer’s opinion, would have added greatly to the book’s enjoyment.

3* A short story providing a fine basis for those volumes that follow.