Last Goodbye

Last Goodbye, Bookouture, is the first book in a murder mystery thriller series featuring Detectives Eli Quinn and Roxy Malloy by Arlene Hunt.

The book opens with a loving young couple being observed on the street by ‘the wolf’ whose thoughts the author provide depict as being an individual with distinctly ‘not normal’ thought processes”. This opening is followed quickly with description of a brutal murder scene that brings newly upgraded Provisional Sargent Roxy Malloy of the homicide division to the scene. Shortly, another murder under investigation by Inspector Eli Quinn and Sargent Miranda Lynn is noted with many similarities. Malloy is told she no longer has ‘her first case’. She prevails upon Inspector Quinn to join his team and from this initial meeting, the story develops into a convoluted pattern of rather large proportions and involving a plethora of interesting characters, many with intriguing backgrounds.

Discussion: An unusual and quite complicated plot driven story set in Ireland that involves a host of characters about many of whom fascinating, although scant details are provided. However, the tale is woven in a manner sufficiently captivating and with just enough detail so as to be able to overlook this feature that if expanded, would have enhanced the enjoyment, at least for this reader. The developing relationship between Quinn who has been around long enough to accept and ‘live with’ the system and Malloy whose brash but stringent approach to the law he recognizes and believes change might be imminent portends the beginning of a fascinating series.

4* Captivating plot-driven murder mystery thriller.

The Heisenberg Legacy

The Heisenberg Legacy, another mystery/suspense/thriller in e-book published, copyright and authored by Christopher Cartwright.

This 11th book in the Sam Reilley series begins with a prologue in which Oberstleutnant Wilbert Gutwein takes off from the Luftwaffe Airfield in Stuttgart with the first ever nuclear bomb. The date is 22 January 1945 and his target is Washington, D. C. Numerous problems are encountered causing him eventually to attempt to crash land in a snowstorm in an unknown valley. The landing is successful but further problems result in his being the only survivor. He has little to no chance of completing the mission at the moment, so with proper identification, a large amount of American money provided by his Nazi superiors and a good knowledge of the English language, he becomes Willian Goodson and proceeds to find civilization and integrate into the American scene. The story itself then opens at Green-Wood Cemetery in present day New York where young Alex Goodson is attending his father’s funeral – a man with whom he had established little to no familial attachment. He is ready to leave the distasteful scene anyway when he is informed that he is to return to meet with a prominent New York Bank representative. Here. he learns that his grandfather, Wilbert Gutwein, with whom he always had been close, had left him an enormous amount of money, completely bypassing his father with whom he had not even spoken for years. Alex, to say the least, was a highly unusual young man who spent most of his time with computers, much of it playing the games offered. He equated poorly with people and avoided them when at all possible. Thus he used a large amount of his inheritance to establish a game center where he could endlessly indulge his whims. Sam Reilly enters the story in Chapter Four arriving in Washington, D. C. He knew the city well because after joining his father’s business he was the one designated to do all business there – his father, “although obsessed with money and power was practically paranoid about going anywhere near the place”. Sam had been summoned to the Secretary of Defense’s Office where she asks “What do you know about the German nuclear weapon project during World War II?” He replies little other than that early in the 1930’s a scientist named Werner Heisenberg was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for creation of quantum mechanics and paved the way for the atomic bomb. From this point the momentum moves into high gear as Washington is placed under threat of being turned into another Nagasaki by that bomb that had arrived in Maryland in 1945. Sam is forced by an unknown person providing clues through instructions by telephone, to play a game of discovering the proposed perpetrator by chasing down clues offered by him. The prize – no detonation of the bomb if he is successful. Further details of the part played by Sam, Alex, members of Sam’s ‘team’, powerful political and military figures and members of both Alex and Sam’s family emerge in a tantalizingly mixed pattern.

Discussion: To provide further details of this tale would be a disservice to the dedicated followers of this author’s series, as well as to first time readers. Suffice it to say, the story is a fast-moving romp through local as well as international covert activity including distrust, deceit and brutally administered ‘cover-up’ of poor decisions, and based upon mistaken beliefs that it is best for certain state facts to be kept from public knowledge. A particular message most interestingly prominently on display and subject to open discussion today, most especially within the United States.

5* Intriguing tale; political elements engrossingly appropriate today.